16 thoughts on “How to make potato bark

      1. Ok thanks Bulldog that’s what I was looking for. I will just freeze it and eat later.Sweet potatoes sound good too. I dehydrate lots of veggies from the garden but not potatoes

        1. I was thinking the same thing. We had tons of bird left over and I thought I could do something like a Jerky with it. Missy checked into it and found that once it is cooked, freezing is the only option.

          1. We had lots of bird left over too. I made a stew and canned it up. Seemed to work, we’re still alive

  1. Professional NO !! Just trying to get people to start storing food, prices are going to go up, I promise, and I feel prices will be $10/gallon milk, and you will see peaches at $4 per peach. This drought in California is going to destroy our food system. Store food and grow your own, it is your only hedge against higher food prices. 🙂

    1. we tried to put in on the table, but we could not get it to stand right!! I was going to go into guns and ammo, but we are limited in time for the videos!!

    2. chrome bolt, Rock River Upper, Spike’s Tactical Lower, Magpul stock and grip, Iron Sites. 🙂 Bought it the 2nd Amendment way, if yall know what I mean. 😉

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