Hummer stolen from St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department


FARMINGTON, Mo. — Authorities in southeast Missouri are searching for a stolen Hummer—a one-time military vehicle taken from the St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department.

The Daily Journal newspaper in Park Hills, Mo. reports that the sheriff’s department acquired the camouflaged Hummer through a Defense Department program. It turned up missing last week and was used in a smash-and-grab crime at a restaurant in neighboring Ste. Genevieve County.  

Deputies in both counties are searching for the Hummer. Meanwhile, surveillance cameras captured the crime and authorities are searching for persons of interest.

8 thoughts on “Hummer stolen from St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department

  1. I was going to post about all the arms ( full auto , real assault weapons) and the many things being given to the cops these days , that one day some of this could fall into the hands of the public ..good or bad
    MRAPS, Hummers, and full auto M4’s and some of the other toys they are being “given”
    wait until some squad car gets stolen and all the toys in the trunk become..not theirs anymore

    Like what could go wrong

    welcome to earth 3rd rock from the sun

  2. Firstly, that’s great news! Love to see it removed from the hands of the criminals. No matter who “took” it, is a huge improvement.

    It would be great Angel, if you could take us through the steps to start-up ALL military vehicles, so we could also help get these vehicles out of the hands of the fascists.

  3. In the Marines the first prank they pull on you is “hey private…go ask Top for the keys to the Hummer”.

  4. no lojack? man tptb are soft targets after all. Strike away. They backed down at Bunkerville, they get their cars stollen, they get beat by the public when its a fair fight. Let the revolution begin! Its easy pick’ins.

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