Idiots Rule The Country

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The insanity that is our Federal government and their lackies at the Federal Reserve apparently is unlimited. Janet Yellen, Vice-Chair of the SF Federal Reserve is the latest example of the idiocy. Apparently she is vying for the Paul Krugman Stool of Economics if any university is foolish enough to create one.

Here is Joe Wiesenthal’s report on her recommendations:

 Janet Yellen Vice-Chair of the San Francisco Federal Reserve has a big new speech out about how slow this recovery has been, and why.

One of the culprits for the slower recovery?

Fiscal policy.

Specifically? Were not spending enough.

Government spending, which usually provides a boost to the economy in the quarters following the recession, has been a net drag this time because the government is spending less than it normally does.

As this chart shows, in the initial 4 quarters since the start of ths recovery, government spending provided its standard boost to GDP.

But in the 8 quarter and 12 quarter period after that, fiscal policy has been a drag, as spending growth has been a lot slower than in past recoveries.

So yes, spending is the problem. We just need to crank it up.


A kinder way to interpret this situation is to assume that Ms. Yellen cannot be this stupid and that she was ordered to produce such a report by higher-ups in government. That would be a reasonable assumption because it is essential for the Fed to continue its QE in order for the government to continue to be able to pay its obligations. Unfortunately, as reported by Mr. Wiesenthal, the recommendation has nothing to do with more monetary policy.The recommendation calls for more spending!  This recommendation could have come from some strange episode of Seinfeld. Are we living in some bizarro world where up means down and everything is devoid of sense?

An additional question involves the opinion of Mr. Wiesenthal. He is either committing subtle humor (“So yes, spending is the problem. We just need to crank it up.”) or his brain has been captured by the same aliens that got a hold of Ms. Yellen.


5 thoughts on “Idiots Rule The Country

  1. Idiots don’t run things, sociopaths and criminals do.

    Everything is calculated and planned out. The idiots are us, for allowing all this crap to continue. Let’s not lose focus on what it would take to remove these people who have been controlling the world since the beginning of time….shut down and eliminate the central banking system…jail the banksters and throw away all these so called American politicians who happen to work for them. Everything else is a distraction. Even the fight for the 2 amendment.

    Iceland did it, so can we. People who write these kind of articles are still living in the Matrix.

  2. No, the title is correct, because they’re idiots if they think that their masters, the Zionist AshkeNAZI so-called ‘jews’, will reward them once they’ve accomplished (they hope) their goal of the destruction of America.

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