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Imprisonment in Germany for Holocaust Denial. Jan. 12th Update from Alfred on Monika Schaefer.

Published on Jan 12, 2018

This is a Jan. 12, 2018 update from Alfred Schaefer about his sister Monika Schaefer who is currently imprisoned in maximum security in Germany and out of communication will all but her lawyer.

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6 Responses to Imprisonment in Germany for Holocaust Denial. Jan. 12th Update from Alfred on Monika Schaefer.

  1. Katie says:

    “The joo has manipulated us to kill each other, and that’s what it boils down to. The joo has always seen the Arian stock people as the last obstacle standing in the way to world domination, that’s a totally perverted, sick, psychopathic agenda, but that’s the reality”…..

    Excellent watch!

  2. Katie says:

    I recommend everyone watch this video. There is truth in every minute.

    • Bob says:

      Thanks Katie- I agree there is truth in every minute except when Brian the interviewer says:

      “If the jewish bankers could just erase the debt, we can forgive all the crimes of the past and just hit the reset button and start over again.”

      ^^ This is what the jews would love. They could just put us on another cycle of destruction in time as they’ve done so often in the past. They can wait. This kind of comment is the reason many distrust Brian Ruhe greatly. I’ll admit that he does strike gold in certain interviews such as this one, so I do keep an eye on him.

      For many, when they think of Brian, they think of this picture. I’m not sure of the backstory. I think he claims it was a Halloween costume. The water sure is murky!

      • Katie says:

        Bob, the comment was left before the part in the video that you mentioned regarding the banks. I agree with you 100% on your observation of his comment, otherwise this was a keeper of a video. I have never heard of Brian before you posting this. Very strange photo indeed of Brian, does cause question of concern.
        Monica’s brother was right on all the way through though.

        • galen says:

          Katie, I didn’t want to watch the vid because Ruhe was the interviewer. No trust there. But at your urging, I did listen. And true, Monika’s brother speaks strong, brave and true. I can’t help thinking of others who have been slammed or imprisoned for merely questioning all the events of WWll. Lives so violently interrupted with little or no chance of recovery. Yet, we have some courageous and ballsy revisionists, diligently digging for and reporting on lies that were manufactured and facts that were buried. Over the years one gets a sense of who to trust. May protection surround those researchers and clear their road so more and more will get informed. Have to admit, unlearning is harder than learning. I am always pulling away layers.

          Hope Monika is free soon. And alive. Thanks, Katie, and thanks Bob, for posting. Ain’t it funny how we have to sift and sort and cannot take the whole pie? And if we post something that’s 98% spot on and 2% doo-doo, we have to qualify it so we don’t get thrown under the bus. Jeez, not easy being accurate 100% of the time. Good thing there’s a super efficient proof-reading committee in the heart of The Trench.



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