In The Wake Of Sandy Hook (Pro Gun & Pro Truth Documentary)

Published on Jan 6, 2013 by MrCensureMoi

In The Wake of Sandy Hook is a video report which documents the history of mass shootings and how recent events have sparked intense debate on the laws concerning gun control vs the balance of public safety.

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7 thoughts on “In The Wake Of Sandy Hook (Pro Gun & Pro Truth Documentary)

  1. Perhaps the sandy hook shooter(or shooters)were simply true patriots imitating their righteous government by carelessly murdering innocent civilians.Haven’t we all heard that this is the most sincere form of flattery?So why should the government move to alienate or even prosecute such wonderful individuals who imitate their genocidal policy?The answer is that they don’t want to.What they’re doing is using the manifestation of their own policy to disarm those who are more prudent in the use of force than criminals like themselves.It all leaves me with the sneaking suspicion that government is not the friend of the individual and therefore needs to be constrained by the individual for the common good of all individuals.For such reasons were governments and laws formed in the first place.I would reccomend that we discover the works of Bastiat and Spooner on natural law,damned radical fool that I am.It is for this reason that I disagree with that occupy movement or whatever it was ,not that people don’t have a right to bitch but that more meaningful results would be obtained by simply staying home and not consenting to oppressive law which is neither moral nor well intended.

  2. Good documentary … very articulate. Dan Hicks is one of my favorite reporters. His research is very thorough and professional. Thanks for this video.

  3. We have been experiencing a troll attack directed against From the Trenches. Apparently, there have been a few trolls who have been laying low and acting like they are a part of the movement.
    The attacks have been directed not at me, but at our site, starting with ChewyBees saying we were acting in coalition with the mainstream media in putting up an article about the flag being stomped on.
    And then there was oldranger68 who wrote a comment so profane in his description of homosexual acts that I took it down immediately. Again, it was suggested that From the Trenches was a controlled site. For any of you regulars who would like to see this trashy comment I will email it to you and you can judge for yourself.
    Then this morning we have Erin who asks the question, “Is From the Trenches censoring our posts?” Why would we post something and then censor it?
    This could be just a straight up government attack because we have been instrumental in attacking this gun confiscation bullshit for what it is. Or it could be a John Stadmiller/Alex Jones attack as Alex Jones has been saying all week that anyone who says anything negative about him is working with the new world order. Of course he does not identify those in the new world order as for some reason he can’t say the word, “Z-Z-Zionist”.
    Look for these treasonous trolling parasites to be slandering our site on other patriot sites and let them know that we know exactly who and what they are and that From the Trenches is not going to be stopped.
    We have seen our enemies try every trick in the book to shut us down but if they think a couple of no talent pukes can harm us in slander, they do not understand what this site is and the nature of our resolve.
    Make no mistake; our enemies hate us because we refuse to buy into any kind of divide. In reality this post isn’t even necessary but I felt compelled to vent. LOL

    1. (Reposted from other articles)

      Hi Henry,

      Right you are!

      Every site that expresses outrage at the treason occurring, refusal to submit to tyranny, and recognizes the US Constitution, especially the 2nd Amendment, is a target of our treasonous gov’t, which is NOT an American gov’t,.. but an, “Enemy Force In Occupation”.

      Although “From The Trenches” has no special immunity against trolls or their propaganda attacks,… you, and the rest of us that support you and this site have an unusually high ability to spot the trolls almost instantly.

      Unfortunately, like any ambush, you don’t know exactly who or what, until they have attacked and exposed their true postion, but like any well trained scout team, we recognize the threat once it has exposed itself, then eliminate it.

      Real Patriots are consistent in their loyality and view points, and therein lies the strategy for detecting all the fakes, the trolls, and the gov’t paid schills who have to earn their treason pay every single day.

      Henry, we will find, identify and route them out each and every day as their rear their ugly little, treasonous heads.

      Don’t worry, this is one of the few sites under the watchful eye of loyal Americans, Patriots, Vets,.. and God.

      God Bless you and this site.

      JD – US Marines – Day 30 Of The 2nd American Revolution.

  4. Truth always seperates the individuals from the bullshit no matter who’s publishing it from any side.We have not always fully agreed but I fully agree that this is the most pro first amendment site I have ever gratefully had the pleasure to claim association with.Regards,Carl

  5. No matter what lies they push, no matter how many Alex Joneses they send out
    the truth will always win over their lies.

  6. “As a Press For Truth TV subscriber you’ll have full access to the site’s features and content including Daily Video Blogs on current news from the PFT perspective and High Quality Downloads of all Press For Truth Films, Music and Special Reports! Subscribe to Press For Truth TV:”

    For the first time, I was unable to access Press TV’s website today.
    I hope it’s just a temporary thing.

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