Inside Source: EMP March 1st Warning Goes Out

Before it’s News – by Susan Duclos

An explosive bit of information was obtained by John Moore which he reveals on his February 25, 2014 show, he recieved this information from a private source about the Texas Department of Safety, which runs the Texas Rangers and the Texas Highway Patrol, telling their agents to keep all tactical and survival gear in their vehicles, with them, as of March 1, 2014 and to “be prepared” to possibly be on their own, to work independently after March 1st.   

As Moore points out, the only reason they would be forced to work without any contact with headquarters is if there could BE no contact, meaning a possible EMP attack shutting down communications.

This is revealed in the first few minutes of the show below. 

9 thoughts on “Inside Source: EMP March 1st Warning Goes Out

  1. My Fellow Americans,

    John Moore,.. or less,….. has ALREADY proven himself to be completely worthless.

    He ALWAYS has an “inside” source that tells him specifics that nobody else can verify (although in this case,…. you would think someone,… anyone would simply contact a couple of Texas cops and see if they were told anything like this….)

    The saving grace is,… March 1, 2014 is only 4 days away.

    This will provide Moore with another opportunity to show just how wrong he is,…. AGAIN.

    JD – US Marines – I stopped listening to Moore some time ago,… he has consistently proven himself to be full of crap.

  2. That would deprive me of one of my favorite verbal abuse targets. What would I do without beforeitsnews and Mike Snyder? I might have to say something nice…

  3. I have a source, that is private, who says cops are going to start providing oral sex to ALL 18 and olders starting mar 2019.

    Now that is a story we can all get behind… in front of? what ever.

  4. The interesting thing about this “insider” information is, did it just concern Texas? How would you know of such an attack unless it was deliberate? Also, is this an attempt to disrupt the March 5th election in a Red state? I agree with others, with out a valid source this means nothing.

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