2 thoughts on “Interview with Erik, Freedom Convoy Trucker

  1. keep pushing until their house of cards fall

    Trudeau wont be able to back down the WEF wont let him (World Economic Forum)
    and if it happens their entire 100+ year plan goes to shit
    keep pushing , this is for freedom around the world not just here or Canada

    the WEF has invested millions of dollars in their puppets , Biden , Trudeau..etc , and if they fail, they go back to zero

    this is the first huge knock down of corruption ,if the entire plan of the WEF fails, than Biden fails, Australia fails, etc all the way to Europe failing .. be watchful on how this goes , because it could change the direction of our history

    there is a window of opportunity that will only stay open for so long

    let everyone be aware , the WEF isn’t going to fold on a nonviolent demonstration , they will only fold under the relentless strength of the people that are willing to fight for their own liberty , and everyone that stands with them

    the WEF is going to act .. and soon …they fear this growing large enough to snuff their multi generational plans out

    what we are witnessing in Canada and now across the world , is the working class attempts at over throwing the elites and forcing them to capitulate
    they made it about “Us, and Them”
    now we’re taking it right to them and not backing down , they are about to learn whos boss

  2. Understand the Rockefeller, Strong, Schwab, Trudeau Agenda

    “Isnt the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse?
    Isnt it our responsibility to bring that about?”
    “Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class-involving high meat intake. Use of fossil fuels . appliances air-conditioning and suburban housing -are not sustainable” –Maurice Strong
    Co-Chaiman WEF

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