Israel pounds Syrian army positions in Golan Heights

Published on Aug 20, 2015 by PressTV News Videos

Israel has launched artillery attack and airstrikes on the Syrian army positions. Tel Aviv says the attacks were in response to rocket fire from the Golan Heights.

The Israeli army said four rockets landed in the Upper Galilee region and the Israeli-occupied parts of the Golan Heights. The rockets reportedly caused fires, but no injuries. Earlier, sirens sounded in several Israeli towns near the Lebanese border. Israel seized 12-hundred square kilometers of the Golan from neighboring Syria in 19-67. Israel is also accused of backing militants fighting against the Syrian government.

5 thoughts on “Israel pounds Syrian army positions in Golan Heights

  1. Russia threatened to nuke us if we attacked Syria. It will be interesting to see if that threat also applies to Israel.
    One of these days someone is going to turn Israel into a field of burnt glass!
    And they will have no one to blame but themselves.

  2. So if Israel attacks Syria the dominoes should fall like this. Iran attacks Israel, USA attacks Iran, Russia attacks USA, north Kora attacks South Korea, USA attacks North Korea, China attacks USA.

    Never mind prepping, I’m going to lay in a stock of wine, beer, whisky, vodka, aquavit, gin, rum, plenty of mixers and a few snacks and I’ll host a “Last Party On Doomsday” so when me and my friends go, like the song says, we’ll “go like elsie”. (Cabaret, from the musical of that name)
    Why worry, we’ve all gotta go sometime

  3. When was this video taken? Snow on the ground.
    Did they move Israel? You have to love Israel they just take land from other countries and then bomb them again and again.
    And then make it look like they are the victims.
    Evilness runs in there blood. (Satan chosen people)

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