Israeli Attack on Syria – Naked Aggression

israeli jetsIsrael, without provocation, attacked the sovereign country of Syria Wednesday, in violation of international law.   But of course Israel doesn’t give one little damn about international law, no more than the dual citizen Israeli-Americans who have infiltrated our government care about our constitutional law.  Israel is rogue and arrogant to a fault and they care not if their actions might cause the deaths of millions or even billions.

We American sovereigns who understand the evils of Zionism would not care if Israel was completely destroyed, but then I guess that is why the Zionists feel we must be disarmed and subjugated. 

Had any other country in the Middle East sent a plane into Israel and dropped a bomb, US condemnation would have been immediate and retaliation even sooner.  Why is it that so many have a problem in seeing the Israelis as the antagonistic aggressors that they are?

The Assad government is on the verge of putting down the Al Qaeda uprising, orchestrated and financed by the US, acting as the proxy for Israel.  So Israel attacks.

One might ask what interest could Israel possibly have in seeing the Muslim Brotherhood extremists taking over country after country in the Middle East and Northern Africa.  Well the answer is simple.  Israel is tired of piecemeal conquest.

Once the Muslim extremists are established as the power in the territories the Israelis covet, they will be demonized and a declaration will come from the west that the Muslims are the enemy and must be destroyed as they are not but a bunch of terrorists.  Then the entire Middle East and most of Northern Africa and all their resources can be conquered by the United States and handed over to Israel, just like half of Europe was handed over to the Zionist Stalin after World War II.

The Zionists built Hitler up and after he had conquered the territories they wanted, they brought in their US attack dog and took him out, then walked away, posing as liberators.  One might ask the peoples of the countries in Eastern Europe, put under communism, if they felt liberated.

Wouldn’t you think that if our country was truly the Republic it is supposed to be that our Constitution and Bill of Rights would be inserted as the system any new government would be formed under in any territory we conquered?  We do not conquer to free anyone, but rather to turn the peoples of any such lands and their property over to our Zionist masters.

We must refuse the Israeli provocation in Syria.  And if the Russians decide to punish Israeli for their blatant crimes, this free American national will consider the matter is none of my business.  If you feel the same, you should speak out.

We are the many, they are the few.  All we have to do is assert ourselves and we can not only break our own chains, but free the world and see the Zionists punished for the misery they have heaped upon the peoples of the world, literally since their inception.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

2 thoughts on “Israeli Attack on Syria – Naked Aggression

  1. We’re not talking about rational beings here. These demonic miscreants are truly insane. One of the most patently outrageous and blasphemous claims I’ve ever heard made by anyone is that one of their rabbis had a debate with God – and actually WON! The creation more intelligent than its Creator? The depths of their arrogance and madness know no bounds.

    And this without the benefit of psychotropic drugs.

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