Israeli troops attack children with stun grenades then handcuff them

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While Israel and the Palestinian Authority are locked in the futile sideshow euphemistically known as the “peace process”, in the real world of the occupation it’s business as usual.

On 15 November Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank village of Kfar Qaddum detained and handcuffed four Palestinian children aged five to nine years, the French news agency AFP reported, citing Palestinian witnesses.  

Palestinian activist Murad Ashtiye told AFP that clashes erupted with soldiers in the village during the weekly protest  by Palestinians and international activists against the Israeli occupation.

“Four children who were present in the area had stun grenades thrown at them by Israeli soldiers, which frightened them,” said Ashtiye of the village’s Popular Struggle Coordination Committee.

“Then the soldiers arrested them and tied their hands behind their backs using plastic strips,” he added, identifying the children as Tariq Hikmet, 9, Hossam Khaldun, 7, six-year old Malak Hikmet and Ahmad Abdessalam, 5.

Meanwhile, in cloud cuckoo land Palestinian negotiators ponder whether to stay or go, and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas pledges to carry on talking, regardless of whether they stay or go.

It’s past time to wake up!


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