It’s About Shutting YOU Down!

Published on Oct 9, 2013 by Snordster

Forget the Government Shutdown — It’s About Shutting YOU Down!
Americans are being treated to political theater at its finest. It’s not a theater of entertainment, however, but a coliseum of enslavement where in the world of deception, perception becomes reality. This theater requires audience participation, where we, the theater-goers, become part of the play. We are a truly captive audience, entranced into mindlessly choosing sides at the frenzied urging of the corporate media and partisan cheerleaders firmly seated behind the microphones and television cameras of the nationally syndicated media. From RINF:…

3 thoughts on “It’s About Shutting YOU Down!

  1. Cathleen, I don’t know where you find all the
    great posts you come up with! But, thank
    you so much.

    This one says it all. If only more people
    would wake out of their stupor.

    1. I was once given a book back in 1999 by a friend of mine, who really does not run in the circles of the average everyday person, called “Handbook for the New Paradigm”. The book changed my life in that, that was the day I had fully awakened. That was the day I saw life in a very different way … and the day I became thirsty for truth and began researching everything.

      Ever since I read that book, never have I ever heard anyone talk about life in the perspective of being a play, the audience being We the People, and the actors on the stage that continuously change … until today while monitoring the Trucker/Vet situation in D.C.

      I just happened to run into this video, perhaps by happenstance, but it struck a cord in me that I felt I needed to share with others.
      . . .

      1. Thank you again, Cathleen, for sharing this
        video, and for sharing how you “woke up”.
        And 1999? You have really been learning
        what is going on for some time now.

        As for me, I bought the entire hoax of a
        two-party system and “the government loves
        and is concerned about me and mine” until
        just 2 years ago. I heard a learned man whom
        I admire talking about 9/11 and I began to
        ask him questions. As he shared with me
        his knowledge of the truth, my eyes and ears
        sprang open and I started searching for myself
        and the information is there if a person is
        truly wanting to know the truth.

        What I have found in the past 2 years is that
        the majority of people are happy just to go along
        and get along. Most of them just dismiss me as
        “a confused old woman” when I try to share
        the truth with them. La-La Land!!

        Please continue to share your findings with
        those of us who truly want to know and
        be prepared. God bless you!!

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