It’s all about Earth’s tilt!

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Many people believe that Earth is closer to the sun in the summer and that is why it is hotter. And, likewise, they think Earth is farthest from the sun in the winter.

Although this idea makes sense, it is incorrect.

It is true that Earth’s orbit is not a perfect circle. It is a bit lop-sided. During part of the year, Earth is closer to the sun than at other times. However, in the Northern Hemisphere, we are having winter when Earth is closest to the sun and summer when it is farthest away! Compared with how far away the sun is, this change in Earth’s distance throughout the year does not make much difference to our weather.  

There is a different reason for Earth’s seasons.

Earth’s axis is an imaginary pole going right through the center of Earth from “top” to “bottom.” Earth spins around this pole, making one complete turn each day. That is why we have day and night, and why every part of Earth’s surface gets some of each.

Earth has seasons because its axis doesn’t stand up straight.

But what caused Earth to tilt?

Long, long ago, when Earth was young, it is thought that something big hit Earth and knocked it off-kilter. So instead of rotating with its axis straight up and down, it leans over a bit.

Cartoon of large object hitting Earth, knocking out big chunks of material that become the future Moon, and tilting the Earth's axis.

By the way, that big thing that hit Earth is called Theia. It also blasted a big hole in the surface. That big hit sent a huge amount of dust and rubble into orbit. Most scientists think that that rubble, in time, became our Moon.

As Earth orbits the sun, its tilted axis always points in the same direction. So, throughout the year, different parts of Earth get the sun’s direct rays.
Earth's tilt is the reason for the seasons. View of Earth in relation to sun during each of the four seasons. The hemisphere receiving the direct rays of the sun has summer while the hemisphere tilted away from the sun, thus getting its rays from more of an angle, has winter.

If you go to South America for the winter holidays, bring your swimsuit, not your skis!

Sometimes it is the North Pole tilting toward the sun (around June) and sometimes it is the South Pole tilting toward the sun (around December).

It is summer in June in the Northern Hemisphere because the sun’s rays hit that part of Earth more directly than at any other time of the year. It is winter in December in the Northern Hemisphere, because that is when it is the South Pole’s turn to be tilted toward the sun.

8 thoughts on “It’s all about Earth’s tilt!

  1. The Sun is going into Solar Minimum and more Cosmic Rays are entering Earth’s astmosphere. That’s why your seeing extreme hot, extreme cold, floods, droughts, more earthquakes and volcanic activity. Look up John Casey or even Pierce Corbyn. Crops will be costing us more do to Solar Minimum.

  2. The idea that the earth “tilt” could make any difference, given that the sun is supposedly 93 million miles away is such nonsense.

    Actually, nc is correct. The sun moves in concentric circles about 3,000 miles above our flat earth. In our (‘northern’) winter, the sun is circling around the earth at the outer edge (which is bordered by the ice wall); in our (‘northern’) summer, the sun is circling around the central part. The supposed “equator” has no seasons and fairly constant temperature, because it gets constant sun.

    There are many other rationales for accepting the flat-earth theory.


    1. Get outa here with that flat earth nonsense.
      It’s an historical fact that back in the 9th century Sir Bedevere scientifically proved that the earth is banana shaped.

  3. The earth is getting hotter due to a depleting atmosphere. The constant geoengineering assault is causing the Arctic to rapidly melt, which in turn, is releasing massive amounts of methane. It’s only going to get hotter.

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