It’s Not About You It’s About Them

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I recently read an article, by a self proclaimed second amendment supporter, blasting open carriers again. I find myself sighing and trying to muddle through the article without getting angry, but it never fails to make me upset to see these articles. They are usually written by someone who is angry, ignorant, and often useless when it comes to actually defending rights. These are usually the guys who stay home when the gun rallies are on a Saturday, because they can’t be bothered to dip into their free time.  

There is absolutely nothing wrong with talking to the people who are open carrying rifles and trying to convince them that it is maybe not the best idea, if you don’t agree with them. But if you write an article marginalizing and demonizing the actions of these people then you are part of the problem in this nation.  Guess what? It’s not about you, it’s about them. If these people feel either the need, or are just plain inclined, to carry a rifle in their daily life then they should be able to do it without supposed “second amendment supporters” screaming at them. It’s their rights they are protesting for, it’s their life they are defending, it’s their human right…

When did we turn into a country of bitchy little girls? I was talking to my grandmother the other day about colloquialisms. She was saying she hasn’t heard people use the term “mind your business” in some time and asked me if people used something else now. I said I didn’t think so, and after thinking about it for some time I realized that people haven’t replaced it with something else, they just stopped minding their own business. Often times people think they should have  a say in how someone else lives their lives these days. Especially the old school “second amendment supporters”.

Well I have news for those guys. You are the past. The future of the Dick Metcalfs and Jerry Tsais of this world is obscurity, because open carry has always been here and is here to stay. So whine all you want, but know this, no one cares what you think about how they live their lives anymore. I intend to live my life as a free man in this supposed free nation and not worry about the those who sit on the sidelines.

One thought on “It’s Not About You It’s About Them

  1. I like the ability to Conceal Carry .. certain areas and certain reasons for doing so, I also like the upper hand it may provide to you in a situation

    But the legal ability to Open Carry ( because our second amendment does not limit how you carry , and neither should some BS “law”)
    Is and should always be defended .. our 2nd does not stipulate what type of arms you can OC, and no state should ever restrict that.
    I like the ability to wear my western rig and my 44mag , its very nice looking , I get a lot of compliments , mostly positive when I do.
    and usually when im packing this way its because its more convenient for the situation or work i am doing , I dont like to ride my horse packing concealed it digs into my side, I cant get to it if I need to ..many personal reasons that have nothing to do with the fact We Have This Freedom and we should never allow it to be infringed period. We need to STOP asking for permission (seriously people)
    I also have a nice rifle scabbard to carry a long gun on my horse , thats basically my horse open carrying 🙂

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