It’s time to tell the truth; the 14th amendment was never ratified.

The Truth About the Law – by Legalman

The feds have seized, virtual total control, over every aspect of our lives via the 14th amendment’s “due process” clause. They have concocted a never ending series of “duties and rights” to “justify federal control” based upon that amendment. So I think it is only fair to ask a simple question.


Do you know the answer to that question? Of course not. You only know the lies you were taught in government schools and by the complicit criminal media.

Well today I am going to be the PEOPLES’ lawyer once again, and break it down for you, just like I did for the constitutional convention scam. I will make the case for the PEOPLE, not the state. The state has had its years of uninterrupted lies. It’s time for the other side. It’s time for THE TRUTH!

Now I can’t, in one article, cover all of the corruption that went on after that murderous rampage the state misleadingly calls “the civil war”. But I will show you that there is simply no doubt that the 14th amendment was never ratified in any legitimate sense of that word. NEVER. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

And lets get something clear up front. Everything I leave out now in order to keep the article a readable length, and there is A LOT, would only HELP my case.

The facts I am giving are NOT disputed. YOU just don’t KNOW THEM because you were not taught them. I encourage you to check them for yourself. And to help you do that here is a cite to an opinion from a Utah Supreme court justice, writing in a PUBLISHED opinion. So let’s begin with some KEY background facts.

1. Surrender by the South occurs April 9, 1865.

2. Lincoln, by proclamation, on June 30th 1865 “restores” the states to their “proper position” by declaring the “rebellion” over. The southern states are now fully functioning and in the Union.

3. December 6, 1865, the 13th amendment is “declared ratified” by ¾’s of the States and slavery is officially ended. The ratification process involved 7 southern states ratifying this amendment. REMEMBER THAT.

Got it so far? The war ends. The southern states are “restored”, and they help to vote in the end of slavery by RATIFYING the 13th amendment. Now is when the shenanigans begin for the 14th amendment.

BEFORE a proposed amendment can EVEN BE SUBMITTED to the States for ratification, the conjobstitution “requires” that 2/3rds of both houses of Congress concur on the resolution to SUBMIT IT. In this case it was called, Resolution no. 48.

There were 36 states, and therefore 72 Senators. So that means they would need 48 senate votes to get the required 2/3rds. There were 240 representatives and that means they would need 160 votes in the House.

But on December 5th, 1865, when the 39th Congress assembled, which was just ONE DAY BEFORE the Secretary of State officially “declared the 13th amendment ratified”, the northern states in the senate, voted to DENY THE SOUTHERN STATES THEIR SEATS IN THE SENATE!!

That’s right, the southern states who had ratified the 13th amendment, were then denied their right to have any representation in the SENATE! All 22 Senators from the South were excluded! How? Well the constipation allows a “majority” in the Senate and the House the right to refuse to seat a member. So the northern states “used” their majority to deny the ENTIRE SOUTH REPRESENTATION in the senate.

Did you know any of this? Did you even know it was POSSIBLE? I seriously doubt it. But this is only the beginning of the corruption that IS the “ratification” of the 14th amendment.
The house did the same thing to the Southern representatives. They denied seats to all 58 of them!!

Frankly, I could end the article right here and you would have irrefutable evidence that the entire “ratification process” for the 14th amendment was a SHAM! It is insanity to call this a representative government. And remember the 14th amendment is NOT ABOUT SLAVERY. THAT IS THE 13TH, AND IT HAD BEEN RATIFIED IN THE SOUTH AND THE NORTH!! The 14th Amendment is about the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SEIZING POWER FROM THE STATES!! Do you now see why I tell you over and over that the “civil war” had NOTHING TO DO WITH SLAVERY! It was about the feds control. Nothing more. Let’s continue with the facts.

After denying the southern states their representation in the Senate, there were 25 states and therefore 50 senators. That means they needed 33 yes votes to get the 2/3rds. But THE LEADERSHIP DID A HEAD COUNT AND THEY STILL DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH VOTES! So they had to find a way to have one of the Senate “no” votes kicked out!!

My god, you just can’t make this stuff up. The Constitution requires a 2/3rds vote to REMOVE a member, as opposed to just the simple majority needed to “not seat”. But they didn’t have the needed 2/3rds to kick the “no vote guy” from NEW JERSEY out of the Senate. So the senate “leaders” just IGNORED THAT CONSTITUTIONAL REQUIREMENT AND KICKED HIM OUT ANYWAY!! Lol

Surely NOW you have enough to see that any “ratification” process that occurs after this kind of lawless corruption just getting the “resolution” out of Congress could NEVER be valid! But there is SO MUCH more.

After denying the south any representation in both the Senate and the House, they proceed to operate on the basis that 2/3rds of the “seated” members have concurred and therefore that is “sufficient” to meet the constipation’s requirement. But the Constitution does not say 2/3rds of the seated members.

Article V says, “The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary shall propose amendments to this Constitution, ……”

And nobody can possibly think that the People ever “agreed to” allow 2/3rds to mean, any 2/3rds left after a whole block of the country was denied their seats! That is ABSURD.But nonetheless these are the facts of how the 14th amendment’s “resolution No. 48” was then put to the states for “ratification”.

Let’s continue, because, incredibly, IT GETS WORSE.

When the “proposed amendment” went out for ratification there were now 37 States. The constipation “requires” ¾ of the states to ratify. So that meant that if 10 states said no, then it failed.

Now think about this. The entire South, which was 11 states, had been denied their congressional and senate seats. So if they say no to ratification, then how in the world can you get it passed? You can’t. It is impossible. And who in their RIGHT MIND would say yes to anything after being kicked out??!!

And in fact, by March of 1867 10 states had said NO. Thus the 14th amendment was not ratified.  It did not pass.  Period, end of STORY.

So what did those in control do? Simple, they passed the “reconstruction act” in that same month, March of 1867. And what did it do? Well it REMOVED the duly elected state governments of the Southern states, many of the same states that had ratified the 13th Amendment, and put MILITARY governments in to power in place of the civilian governments in the 10 states they needed. And those MILITARY governments voted to “ratify” the 14th amendment.

Yes THAT is how it was “ratified”. Not by the people, not by the governments elected by the people, but by the military governments forced upon them. And remember, this is NOT about slavery. That was 13th amendment.

But even that is not the full story of the utter corruption that IS the 14th amendment.  You see, the people in several other NON southern states were so shocked by the utter lawlessness of the federal government’s action of removing duly elected state governments that 4 of them, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, and California all WITHDREW their ratification and voted NO to the 14th amendment. So this isn’t about just the South!!

So now what do the Feds do? They STILL don’t have the votes EVEN after militarily taking over 10 states!! Simple. They ignore the fact that four states have changed their votes to a NO! They just “declare” that you can’t change your vote from yes to no. Even though they had militarily changed votes themselves.  The only difference? They had changed them from no to yes!!  Heads I win tails you lose.  That is the system.

That’s right. They simply passed a “resolution” that “declared” that the 14th amendment had been ratified and then ORDERED the secretary of state to sign off on it. That is how it was “ratified”.

This is the true face of our supposed “freedom”. This is the “freedom” they tell people to go fight and die for and to “spread around the world”. This is why the entire “reconstruction era” is taught in a confused and utterly dishonest fashion. Because it is appalling! And Unlike your government schools which flunk you if you disagree with the stated “core curriculum LIES”, I ENCOURAGE YOU TO VERIFY EVERYTHING I HAVE WRITTEN.

So where is the Supreme court in all of this? Isn’t it there to make sure the rules are followed? Ha, cue the belly laugh.  Please people, they DO NOTHING FOR YOU BUT ENSLAVE YOU. They are just part of the SHOW,

So how did the court reason around such blatant and obvious violations?Simple, they REFUSED to RULE ON THEM! That’s right.  They called all of these issues “non justiciable”. Just a fancy way to say, we aren’t going to touch it.

Think of the HYPOCRISY in the court necessary to do this. They have no problem passing on the correctness of busing and abortion, and toilet water flushing and gay marriage, and light bulbs and your health care, but when it comes to whether the people have had their basic representational rights denied. No, no, now, that is “off limits”. Lol

And remember, in Texas v. White, which I have already written about here, the court DIDN’T EVEN DISCUSS “JUSTICIABILITY” WHEN RULING THAT A STATE CAN NOT VOTE TO LEAVE THE UNION VOLUNTARILY. The court claimed EVERY RIGHT to hear a case and then rule that a state’s vote to leave the union was “void”, but the court somehow has no right to make any determination about whether the state’s vote on an amendment was properly counted as a yes or a no. So once again, heads I win, tails you lose when it comes to YOUR freedom.

Nobody would even believe such absurdities if I made them up and put them into a novel.  But people accept it as “law” and evidence of their FREEDOM when it actually HAPPENS! This is why those who rule you have contempt for you. They have NO RESPECT for the people because the people have earned that lack of respect through their utter idiocy and gullibility!

Your “freedom” is an illusion. A lie. Sure you can pick between Mountain Dew and Big Red, but you don’t get to choose your own government!

Now think about how many things the feds justify based upon the “due process clause”! All of that is built on an utter lie. There is no validly ratified 14th amendment. NONE. And don’t think for one second that those in power don’t already KNOW THIS. They know it all too well.  What does it take for you to see that the ENTIRE structure of the government you are living under is a fundamental LIE?

This is why they push so hard on the idea that Abe Lincoln, the war criminal, was this wonderful guy. That the “civil war” was about race. And that YOU ARE FREE BECAUSE of the holy federal government. Because if people knew the truth, those in power could not maintain control over you.

As usual, in writing this I have had to leave a lot of stuff out. Maybe I will write on it later. I simply cannot take thinking about the freedom fry fools and the brain dead drones running around talking about how we need to “get back to the constitution” any longer today.

I hope you at least learned something about your captivity my fellow inmate. Take care, live in the light and tell someone the truth about the law.

7 thoughts on “It’s time to tell the truth; the 14th amendment was never ratified.

  1. People in government should be held to a higher standard than the general population, because they’re trusted with power over everyone else.

    There’s no reason they shouldn’t face the guillotine for every little white lie, and a much slower, and more painful death for corruption.

  2. Again he attacks the Constitution. If not that document than which? The communist manifesto? He makes great arguements, but where does his loyalty lie? No, we need to reinstate the Constitution, it is the “law of the land”!

    1. Bull$hit the constitution was corrupted from the beginning by rothschild agent hamilton and his demon band of federalists.

      A return to ‘articles of confederation’ is really ‘back to the drawing board’.
      And maybe take jefferson’s advice to NEVER allow the government to borrow one red cent!


      1. That is why this country will never work. Too many ignoble people lost in the BS. Its like trying to explain trigonometry to a child. Dont worry though, Im sure china would love to have ya!

        1. The country hasn’t worked as advertised for a very long time.

          From the get go, rothschild was plotting to take it from the inside.
          Hamilton was his man. Hamilton argued for a strong centralized federal government and got some of what he wanted. The ‘bill of rights’ had to be included to protect the people from the feds.

          And then came rothschilds with the central banks/usury and persistence paid off for them. The war of northern aggression, the institution of the federal reserve, usury, removal of private property, and the ‘income’ tax put everyone into bondage. Subsequent world wars and more wars have taken away some of america’s finest in both blood and treasure.

          Now, it’s mostly a hodge-podge of uneducated lazy pharmaceutically doped up fools. That can’t disconnect from the talmudvision to think critically about much of anything. Let alone raise their noses out of their self-centered mobile world.

          And just like europe, america is crippled by uneducated immigrants.
          Sorry, but the immigrants we got from south of the border is basically south/latin america flushing their collective toilets on us and sending america their crap/undesirables. Like morocco did to netherlands.

          The only way left to return america to a constitutional republic is by force.
          And as time goes on, I don’t see that happening. In fact, how many times has a country/empire in decline turned things around and returned to its roots?
          I hope america is the first, I really do. America is a fantastic idea.

          Add to the fact that the planet is fully discovered, there’s nowhere to go to disconnect from the ‘jew’ bankers. That’s what gave america a real advantage. Semi-isolation and autonomy from the greedy ‘jews’ to grow freely. And grow it did. The only thing left to do is fight.

          As for china, they wouldn’t want me. I’d disband the centrally planned communist government, forbid usury, forbid personal income tax, forbid personal property tax, forbid the government from borrowing, restore true private property with allodial title to the land patent, inform them of their natural rights and encourage them to actually use them, forbid foreign entanglements, forbid enlarging the borders by military force/take-over, encourage people to be self sufficient, encourage a free-market and for all that is holy, forbid the ‘jews’ and their poison ideology. So, no, the chinese wouldn’t want me especially whilst they’re currently drinking the ‘jew’ kool-aid.

          And, to be fair, america now currently operates under the communist manifesto much more than it does under the constitution.

          My loyalty lies in divine creation. The constitution was not handed to the founders by a supreme being. This document/contract was a man made idea that has it’s flaws. And after seeing/living these flaws, they should be corrected. That’s why i said a return to the ‘articles of confederation’ would be a great place to start as it was the true birth document of what would later become the united states of america.


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