Jade Helm: Is the US preparing for martial law or WW3?

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The upcoming Jade Helm exercise, conducted by the US military across seven states has been attacked as a preparation for martial law, but could in fact be part of a much more sinister project.

In the past several days, leaked plans for seven-state a US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) exercise in which states role-play as countries have made rounds across both news sites and conspiracy theorist circuits, with the latter ringing alarm, calling the drills a preparation for martial law.  

However, considering layout of the states used in the exercise, as well as their climate and terrain, the intent could be a preparation for an invasion of Iran and a Middle East-wide war.

According to the leaked proposal for the operation, service members will practice:

– Operating outside the normal support mechanisms
– Adapting to unfamiliar terrain, social and economic conditions
– Operating in and around communities where anything out the ordinary will be spotted and reported (Locals are the first to notice something out of place)
– The opportunity to work with civilians to gain their trust and an understanding of the issues

The main focus of the exercise appears to be Texas, including inhabited areas of Texas. The operation will include Army Special Forces (Green Berets), Navy SEALS, US Marine Corps Expeditionary Unites, US Army 82nd Airborne Division, as well as USAF and USMC SOCOM and “Interagency partners,” which together sounds more like a team that would invade a country, rather than a hostage-rescue operation or a plan to build homes for hurricane-devastated children.

United States Middle East map

A possible layout of the countries that US states that are part of Jade Helm exercises are role-playing as.

Texas — Islamic Republic of Iran

Texas, colored red for “hostile,” is likely a simulation of an invasion of Iran. Although it does not have the optimal terrain to simulate Iran, the proposal for the exercise appears to have chosen Texas for its Realistic Military Training because local authorities and the population are most receptive

The simulated invasion appears to be planned with a Central Joint Special Operations Task Force (CJSOTF), the headquarters,  as well as the Home Station, where the service members involved in the exercise would likely begin, at the Elgin Air Force Base, across the Gulf of Mexico, in Florida. This could mean that the simulated invasion of Iran is executed from a very remote place, such as in the simulated United States, or across the Persian Gulf.

Meanwhile, the local Special Operations Task Force (SOTF) would be based at the nearer Camp Shelby, in Missisippi, possibly a simulated Saudi Arabia, and the island (flight deck) of the USS John C. Stennis, a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, likely stationed near the coast of the simulated Iran.

Within the simulated Iran, there would be a Joint Operations Access Exercise (JOAX), a US Army Airborne landing, conducted together with other units, deployed inland, likely to plant a force behind enemy lines. In addition, a Contingency Response Force (CRF) would land on the coast and practice the ground invasion.

The operations in Texas will involve eight Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) US Army Special Forces groups, four unidentified Operational Detachment Groups (ODG), a US Marines Special Operations Team (MSOT) and the Naval Special Warfare Training Unit (NSWUT), among others.

New Mexico — Iraq

New Mexico

New Mexico, viewed from Amtrak’s Southwest Chief

New Mexico is a state that has vast swathes of desert, like Iraq. Iraq has close ties with Iran, which could be a reason for why it is colored brown for “uncertain, leaning hostile,” which Iraq would likely be if Iran was to be invaded.

However, Iraq does have some US military installations, which could be simulated with the northern and southern Advanced Operational Bases (AOB).

Utah — Syria


Bonneville Salt Flats 361

Like Syria, which would be considered hostile in case of an Iran invasion, Utah is colored red. In addition, like parts of Syria, Utah has both mountains and flatlands.

Utah will be home to a Large Scale Exercise (LSE), in USMC terms means fighting the army of a simulated country. The exercise is set in an uninhabited area, suggesting an actual simulated battle against a Syrian Army opposing force. In addition, two unidentified Operational Detachment Groups (ODG) would be dispatched to the capital, which could mean a simulated covert operation in Damascus.

Colorado — Turkey


In this April 20, 2006, file photo, Hildale, Utah, sits at the base of Red Rock Cliff mountains with its sister city, Colorado City, Ariz., in the foreground

Colorado is a largely mountainous state, like Turkey, and it is colored blue for “permissive,” which means that aircraft and troops would be able to move through the state. Turkey as a NATO member would similarly be expected to fulfill such obligations.

Nevada and Arizona — Lebanon and Jordan

Nevada and Arizona

Several C-17 Globemaster IIIs, C-130 Hercules and a B-1 Lancer park on the flightline May 31, 2013, at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev

Phoenix, Arizona will be the site of the Special Forces’ Operational Detachment Headquarters (ODH) and a Marine Corps (MC) site, likely simulating Jordan’s capital Amman, which has been the site of Marine Corps deployments in recent years. However, although Phoenix is in a largely desert environment, it is also next to a mountain range, unlike Amman.

In addition, Arizona is colored light blue, making it neutral but leaning friendly, which could be the status of Lebanon when it comes to an operation against Syria, while Nevada is blue, permissive, which could be the status of Jordan. Such an arrangement suggest that the geographic and diplomatic statuses could have been switched to preserve political realism in the situation.

California — Israel and Palestine


A U.S. Border Patrol vehicle, right, drives along a road running alongside the border structures that separate Tijuana, Mexico, left, from San Diego Thursday, June 13, 2013, in San Diego

California generally has a soft Mediterranean climate, like Israel, and would be permissive to US military movements, as Israel would be. There are no deployments planned to California, as the simulated invasion of Iran would likely not have much of an impact on the situation there.

The “insurgent pocket” likely represents both the inland West Bank and the coastal Gaza Strip, which would be hostile to the operation and would not allow the US military to operate in the area. However, it is also possible that California is a simulation of Lebanon, and the “insurgent pocket” is a Hezbollah-controlled area that would be opposed to a US invasion of Iran.

Source: http://sputniknews.com/us/20150329/1020185282.html


7 thoughts on “Jade Helm: Is the US preparing for martial law or WW3?

  1. If we’d have expended as much wealth on peace as we have on war we’d have a lot more peace and a lot more wealth and a lot less war.

    1. That’s our point, Carl. Unfortunately tptb have a different view. THEY are NOT of, by, or for US. They are an occupying enemy which has infiltrated what is supposed to be OURS. F them. Our blood=their zollars. But you’re absolutely correct.

  2. I’m of two minds on this “exercise.” Booboo 7’s video/article (http://www.fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/jade-helm-update-17-texas-cities-soldiers-to-operate-undetected-in-civilian-populations/128182#more-128182) is noting the Houston Chronicle dot commie as a source, which notes Alex Bullhorn Shegetz Jonestein as a source, and I’m inclined to disregard it as fear porn. On the other hand, how many of the I-just-follow-orders infantry dips, who will be assigned to sticking their noses where they definitely do not belong, will be informed about Texas Castle Law? It’s a recipe for FUBAR.

  3. C’mon people. Don’t you get it yet? The American troops (Obama’s army) take over “these States”, the Russians take over “those States”, the Chinese take over “this many States”, and Iran and other countries take over the remaining States. The plans we’re seeing (Jade Helm) concern ONLY the area that Obama’s Army will take over..
    Do you really think that the U.S. is at odds with Putin and China and Iran?? Folks, this is ALL a pre-planned game (by the Elite) of world chess. With the American people being the pawns (peons….victims). America has become just as communistic as Russia and China, and it was done by design. And forget about voting……one Socialist leaves office and another Socialist takes their place. Been that way for decades.

    1. Do you think it’s “accidental” that the States mentioned in Jade Helm are the most gold producing States in America? The fact is, that’s why the U.S. Government stole them from Mexico to begin with.

  4. I f one was smart, one would do some prepping while one still could before this exercise begins, but after following the course of history being made, it is already to late for that. Mark my words the gas chambers are now replaced by gilliotines. Then again, I could be wrong… the massive amount of body bags and coffin liners could be for food hydroponics. And the 3 billion hollow point bullets are for target practice, Oh lets not forget the trainloads of armored vehicles being transported around the country to bake in the paint jobs! America will soon become Obamaica…

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