The Jared Kushner Trump Administration Confronts Qatar

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Donald Trump is the spark and not the fire. Peggy Noonan

Peggy Noonan writes opinion pieces for the Wall Street Journal. She was invited to attend the 2017 Bilderberg Conference. Apart from her press credentials, she is an expert on both Trump and the anti-Globalist movement. Other journalists are experts on the Mideast and might have provided the billionaires, who think they own the governments of the US, the UK and the European Union, with the background information they need to decide whether or not war in the Mideast at this time is a good idea. That is war would be good for them. They do not care about your aversion to organized mass violence.  

Usually, something is said or done after a Bilderberg meeting. The 2017 post-Bilderberg headlines are somewhat terrifying. A dispute between Saudi Arabia and Qatar has flared up. Both nations have US troops on their soil. The Saudis have accused Qatar of funding ISIS. Actually, the Saudis, the US, the UK and Israel have been doing a much better job at that than Qatar. Qatar did ransom 26 men from a hunting party in Iraq. The money was paid to Iraq’s popular militias which were organized by Iran and outnumber the Iraqi regular Army. At present these soldiers are on the border with Syria and could link up with the Syrian Army within 2 months. This disturbs the Israelis and their client states, the US, the UK and the Saudis.

The US is helping the Saudis attack Yemen. We are starving their children to death and cutting them off from modern medicine so cholera is likely to kill a few hundred thousand Yemenis. The Saudis flew in planeloads of Al Qaeda men from Iraq and Syria to kill Yemenis. But this is a backburner war and will not threaten us until Qatar boils over. And that might not happen until the weekend.

The Saudis want to blockade Qatar. The Qataris are running to the shops to buy food before prices become astronomical.

The Turkish parliament is voting to send soldiers to defend Qatar. The Turkish Army will not fight American soldiers especially so far from home.

The Corporate Fake News is full of stories about how the Saudi royals do not like the Qatari royal family.

Nonsense. This war is about money. The Saudis created the Petrodollar to replace the gold exchange standard set up in 1944. The Saudis do whatever the Rothschild agent Henry Kissinger tells them to do. The Saudis were told to sell oil only for dollars. Because Wall Street sent American jobs overseas while doubling the population through immigration the US balance of payments became distinctly unbalanced. Nobody wanted to buy American especially after Monsanto convinced the professional criminals in DC that GMO crops and Glyphosate were good enough for the people who vote and pay taxes.

The Saudis accumulated dollars and promised they would buy US Treasury bonds with the money they made selling oil to Europe and Asia. Problem is that Saudi oil reserves aren’t what they used to be. The Saudis have been selling US Treasury bonds to help cover their deficit. Not Good for the Dollar as China and others have been selling Treasury bonds. Rob Kirby told us that the CIA saved the Dollar by buying $1.4 trillion in Treasury bonds with their drug war profits.

Doubt the CIA makes that much money? Why did President Bush tell his allies he had decided to invade Afghanistan even before 911? Why is the war in Afghanistan America’s longest running war?

Today I read of the ISIS attacks in Tehran. Those terrorists were funded by the US and operate out of Pakistan’s Balochistan province which borders Iran. 100,000 people a year die from heroin overdoses thanks to the abundant supply and low prices made possible by American taxpayers. Afghanistan and Balochistan Pakistan are key elements in the CIA’s Drug Empire.

I might point out that Rob Kirby estimated that the CIA has already spent $1.4 trillion in drug profits and that this narco-subsidy to Washington DC won’t last much longer. The other thing that won’t last much longer is the inability of foreign governments to say No to US Dollars. People overseas make things. We give them worthless Dollars. They sell us more things and we  give them even more worthless dollars. On the day foreigners refuse to accept dollars and say they will only take gold, SDRs or their own national currency, American wages and pensions will be cut in half.

Now you know what WW III and this dust up Qatar are all about.

There are several scandals brewing underneath the surface awareness of Corporate Fake News. Please keep in mind that Catherine Austin Fitts can prove that the people who own our governments have stolen money from us by the tens of trillions. So what makes you think they would not spend billions of dollars each year buying Fake News just so they can continue robbing you blind?

Many scandals can bring down both the Democrats and the Jared Kushner- House-Speaker Paul Ryan half of the Republican party leaving us with Donald Trump in charge of his administration.

I knew the Jewish Lobby would muscles its way into the Trump administration but what we have seen is absurd. The Jewish Lobby did not win the election. Yet they are still in charge. I wrote the following article some time ago: Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since. That sort of explains why and how Israel has so much power. But fortunately, that was our past and not our future.

There is also these facts to ponder before anyone starts shooting at each other in the Persian Gulf.:

What happens if Iran and Turkey load up some freighters with food and send them to Qatar? Will the US and UK turn them back because the Saudis demand it?

The US did that in Yemen. Yemenis are dying of starvation. They have an urgent need for food and medicine. Nobody bothered to help Yemen. But Qatar has $335 billion in the Sovereign Wealth Fund and that can buy a lot of influence.

What happens if there are armed Turkish and Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers on board the ships? A handheld missile could do a lot of damage to a ship’s radio and radar.

Now suppose they are accompanied by 2 dozen drones armed with missiles and/or 500 pound bombs? The Iranians have developed a fleet of armed drones. What will the US Navy do?

What if a formation of Iranian warships accompanies the freighters and the drones? We could take on 2 dozen drones and a half dozen warships. But what if the Iranians launch 2 to 3 thousand fast boats and dozens more drones concentrating their presence on the nearby US Persian Gulf fleet? Iran can sink that entire fleet in minutes without the help of the Russians though Putin would never give his permission. But things could spiral out of control quickly when modern militaries confront each other.

What if a Russian destroyer accompanies the Iranian ships and drones? And what if a Russian plane armed with Khibiny flies overhead? Khibiny scrambles our radio and radio communications so they cannot see a target to shoot.

The weekend could be a disaster for the Jared Kushner Trump administration. But maybe not.  ISIS attacked Tehran recently. This may be an attempt to push Iran towards war. Your leaders aren’t exactly bright because there is no guarantee the US could win a shootout in the Persian Gulf.

Nothing will happen today because the Emir of Kuwait is in Qatar today. So what happens this weekend? Not sure.

Update: Nothing will happen until Sunday. On Saturday the Qatar Foreign Minister will meet with Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

But a disaster for the Jared Kushner Trump regime might be a great blessing for Americans outside of Washington DC.

Before concluding I should say that I would vote for Trump again. I voted against Bush in 2000, 20014, against Insane McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012. I did not expect such a large Jewish Lobby presence in the Trump admin. No. I never voted for Obama.

In conclusion I expect Jared Kushner and the Jews who run both political parties to flee Washington before the US Ship of State sinks in 2018.

I still maintain that the Dollar will collapse before election Day 2018. Scandals from pedophilia to the Clinton Foundation and NSA spying on Americans will bring down both political parties. That will leave Trump in charge.

It will be on us to take down the Federal Reserve and the Fake News media so we can get the change in monetary policy we need to prevent 10 million Americans from starving to death. Need I remind you that without Debt Cancellation and a change in the Federal Reserve Act to permit the return of Greenbacks, millions of us will die of starvation.

America will die if we do not run the Jewish Lobby out of Washington DC.

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One thought on “The Jared Kushner Trump Administration Confronts Qatar

  1. “The Corporate Fake News is full of stories about how the Saudi royals do not like the Qatari royal family.

    Nonsense. This war is about money.”

    News flash: ALL wars are about mammon… one way or another…

    “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild”

    Mammon is control.

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