JD is fine

For everybody worried about JD, he is fine and just got delayed and forgot to take phone numbers with him.  He will give his explanation at the Militia Town Hall Meeting.

Thanks to everybody for your concern.

14 thoughts on “JD is fine

  1. I don’t worry too much about JD. He seems like a very intelligent and resourceful guy.

    Traffic isn’t very predictable on the east coast, and I”m willing to bet he’s stuck in it. It’s too crowded, and one guy with flat tire can back up traffic for miles.

  2. JD, I was pretty worried about you, I know your stickin’ your neck out there in Nazi Jersey, but I was about ready to grab my bug out bag and go. I know carrying phone numbers and IDs in your wallet ain’t a good idea and I’m terrible at memorization of phone numbers but, you had a lot of people concerned yesterday. We love you brother and we were more than just a little concerned. Just sayin’.

  3. Our assets in NJ were an hour away when Henry notified us to have them stand down. Glad this worked out the way we hoped.

    No King but King Jesus.

    1. Our most sincere thanks to you and your brothers for stepping up at a moment’s notice in the tradition of the minute man.

    1. He was a no-show/no call for the Friday programs, and Henry was unable to contact him. Archive of town hall program has explanation.

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