Jeanette Finicum at Red Pill Expo Bozeman Montana June 24 2017

Published on Jun 27, 2017 by Elias Alias

Mrs. Finicum brought the house down with a voice filled with a sweet and lovely thunder which reached into the heart of everyone in that convention hall. With more than five hundred souls in seats in the convention center venue known as “The Commons” at Bozeman, Montana, Jeanette Finicum wrapped every soul at the place with a rhapsody of innocence. There was nary a dry eye in the whole house. The beauty and dignity of one cowboy’s stand for freedom galloped around Bozeman’s proud new convention center, swirling like four strong winds in all directions, invisibly yet with felt presence. Everyone was moved. LaVoy Finicum speaks from beyond the clouds through the love of his noble and courageous wife.

I am just back from the Red Pill Expo and a couple of follow-up days afterwrd. I have not slept in 23 hours, but as I reeled off four hundred miles my excitement about what this event *means* found a gravity in my mind and compelled me to get the above video out of the camera and posted up here before I sleep. I will add more here and do an article for The Mental Militia’s national website after I sleep.

For the moment I’ll just say — I am overwhelmed by having witnessed Jeanette Finicum’s touching presentation first-hand. The woman made me cry. She made everyone cry, either openly or silently inside their private minds. She tied all the presentations of all the speakers at the convention into one unified living symbol. She did it in a way which uplifted old-fashioned American family values, such as personal responsibility and property ownership and sweet liberty for every individual. And she immortalized LaVoy Finicum into the shimmering and volatile hallways of American history. She is the only person who could do that. He will always live on in her, and her love for him will spread his word.

My apologies for not handling the adjustments on my tripod during her film clips. Please forgive the briefly dark screens.

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  1. After reading our founding documents and comparing them against our”color of law”, how can it not be fact that we have no government?

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