Jethro Tull- We Used To Know

Uploaded on Apr 16, 2009 by Aqualung1989

Jethro Tull- We Used To Know, from the album Stand Up. Youtube deleted my video comparing this song and Hotel California because of the second song, so now I’m uploading only this one.

21 thoughts on “Jethro Tull- We Used To Know

  1. I toast a shot of my rye whiskey to ya for that one Paraclete 😉 , awesome. Old memories that I wish I could go back to man 😆 Thanks Paraclete !!!!! 🙂

        1. Geeze Paraclete, I have never heard those guys before. I only listened to “melt the ice away” and I can tell that that will be on my favorites. Thanks Paraclete, that is good IMOHO. 😎 😉 P.S. I tried to add that to my favorites but I have no add to favorites any more 🙁 . I know where this is and when I figure out how to do this, this will be on my favorites list. Not used to this pc yet .:neutrral:

  2. Man I just had an acid flash back, groovy man. A magic carpet ride back in time.
    The space cowboy rides agan.

    1. 😆 I still got those old acid laugh lines and I love it. Good things never change because they were meant to be 😉

  3. Best band ever!I saw em on the tail end of the Warchild (74-75)Tour as a 12 year old,babysitters took me to that first show Boston Garden,people dressed as animals/bombs going off on stage and great music,saw em every tour multiple times then on thru the decades,over a 115 shows,saw the 40th Aqualung Anniversery Tour in Red Rocks(almost 40 years to the date of the Tull show Red Rock riots in 71!),2000 mile trip to see that,probably the last Tull tour as Ian just doing solo stuff with new band,always said would find me hanging from a beam with a bottle of Jack underneath me when Tull broke up!Still possible hope of Martin and Ian doing a few gigs?!

  4. Here’s one of Budgie’s Best …………
    These guys were cutting edge before the edge was made ………….

    1. Yes Paraclete, I like these guys. I am gonna have to call my internet provider to tell me how to work my favorites list tonight. I told myself that I would not put any more music on my favorites list but here I go again 😐 😉

    2. They are on my favorites list 🙂 🙂 thank you Paraclete. Now I got to hook up my surround sound so I can crank it. 😆 😎

    1. Eh,Arf,would say more a Warchild but either way a good thing!On a side note,am not “Too Old To Rock “N” Roll”!

        1. No,would guess by title a old Frank album,that said,rock “n”roll is not dead.I lived thru the 70’s rock while hearing the 60’s music thru friends brothers and sisters,probably saw about 300 + shows in mid the 70’s on and over 600 concerts total(Dad had a friend in Boston music industry,got great seats to a lot of shows,missed Skynard,had tickets and plane went down,still have the ticket,will not sell to a collector as at time had the Survivors album in flames,only a 100,000 put out before plane crash and then ended the flame part,missed them/T-Rex and Zep due to deaths,that said,still bands coming out that play well.

        2. Eh,old Floyd,really thought a Frank album,oh well.Still have loved music thru the decades and in band tried to get to sound some did,never made it beyond parties /small clubs but still fun,knew the sound was looking for would hit,just didn’t make it ourselves!

  5. that’s jimmy grashows art work..he was my art teacher in music and art do you wonder why im that your not? jim did that yard birds double lp for epic records..and the live one..all 3 were stolen from me..

  6. Thank you, Palaclete. Needed that. 🙂 Always loved the lyrics of Tull (and Rush, Floyd…even Yes).
    The song that best describes what I’ve been feeling/going through is this one:

    Thanks for the “lift” 🙂

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