John McCain Is A Mentally Ill Terrorist Sympathizer

Blacklisted News – by Lee Rogers

One of the most disgusting individuals in the United States government is the Republican Senator from Arizona named John McCain. For years following the staged attacks of September 11th, 2001 McCain has constantly reminded us about the so-called threat of Al-Qaeda. He has blindly repeated the ridiculous conspiracy theory that 19 Muslim hijackers with box cutters were solely responsible for those attacks.  

In reality Al-Qaeda was created by the CIA back in the 1980s and has primarily been used as a propaganda tool to justify wars in the Middle East. It is nothing more than a manufactured terror threat. Despite all of this, McCain who has warned us about the Al-Qaeda threat for over a decade recently decided to visit the Free Syrian Army a group currently attempting to overthrow the Syrian government. This militant group has been connected to or are actively a part of organizations that are under the umbrella of Al-Qaeda. In fact there have been numerous reports of how a large number of Free Syrian Army fighters have ties to or have defected to Jabhat al-Nusra an Islamist group widely identified as an Al-Qaeda linked organization. So here we have McCain associating with the Free Syrian Army a group that is confirmed to have had or currently have Al-Qaeda linked terrorists within its ranks.

It is comical that the corporate media is allowing McCain to get away with this hypocrisy. It is especially ridiculous considering that there are people in Guantanamo Bay who have been held in prison without any due process or trial for basically doing the same thing McCain just did. If McCain wants to openly associate with terrorist groups than why isn’t he being treated as a terrorist sympathizer?

It just shows the insanity behind the so-called war on terrorism and how phony it is. Apparently it is OK to associate with a terrorist group if it is a terrorist group that the U.S. government is currently in favor of supporting. Instead of being called a terrorist group by the U.S. government and the mainstream press, they call the Free Syrian Army a group of freedom fighters or rebels in order to give the organization an illusion of legitimacy. It doesn’t matter that the Free Syrian Army and its various proxy groups have been involved in a number of war crimes and other atrocities. These facts are largely ignored because the U.S. government is supporting them and that automatically means they aren’t a terrorist group according to the absurdly presented propaganda.

Here’s a series of reports detailing the war crimes committed by the Free Syrian Army.

UN Accuses Syrian Rebels Of Chemical Weapons Use

Free Syrian Army Accused Of War Crimes

Exposing The Real Free Syrian Army

Syria: Rebels Accused Of Human Rights Abuses

Outrage at Syrian rebel shown ‘eating soldier’s heart’

Even if for some reason you don’t believe that the Free Syrian Army is connected to Al-Qaeda, their track record of war crimes is well documented. The fact that McCain would visit with a group like this shows that he is a mentally ill terrorist sympathizer who should be put in prison or confined to a mental institution. After all, McCain has said that we need to be tough on terrorists so what better way to prove his own point than to use himself as an example.

5 thoughts on “John McCain Is A Mentally Ill Terrorist Sympathizer

  1. Failed to add what Traitorous part he played in the Hanoi Hilton by ratting out his fellow American Prisoners. His history of being a Traitor is long. Those facts cause me to wonder who exactly he was doing bomb runs on during the Vietnam war.

  2. Take into consideration his treasonous activities during the Vietnam war, which included collaborating with the enemy. The only thing that saved him from charges was a pardon from Nixon. This slimeball has a forty year track record as a traitor. But rather than being tried for his crimes…he gets face time on TV to peddle his b.s. The al CIA duh mercs should’ve kept him. Maybe they weren’t hungry?

  3. Dadgummit…the things you see when you ain’t got a drone.Based on the photo we saw they could’ve bagged a terrorist leader, a kidnapper AND a traitor all in one fell swoop. Must’ve been too busy killing kids in Pakistan. Oops…not kids…”suspected militants”. My mistake.

  4. He was the worst student at the Naval Ac., he was the worst pilot in the navy, he killed, no, murdered 37 sailors on the USS Saratoga? The only reason he stayed in the navy was that his father and grandfather were 4 star in the navy.

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