5 thoughts on “‘Judaism Yes, Zionism No’ Ultra Orthodox Jews march against Israel

  1. Neturei Karta likely (did not see video)…yes these folks have been opposed to Zionism from beginning and are ultra-Orthodox…only Talmudists I do not despise….though they say they are not Talmudists but follow Torah…

  2. yes, these are Torah-observant Jews, and they see the state of Israel as an abomination in the eyes of God. These Jews can trace their linage back to the diaspora (original 12 tribes of the Bible’s Israel), and they’re vehemently opposed to Zionism. The Torah forbids Jews to return to any “homeland” until their messiah returns to bring them there, so they see the human-created state of Israel as a form of blasphemy.

    These Jews have been the victims of the Zionists from day one, because the Zionists wanted to create Israel as a base of their criminal operations, so these Torah-observant Jews, who hated the concept of a man-made Israel, obviously had to go.

    The Russian pogroms were funded by Rothschild minion Jacob Schiff, and we know the Nazi party and Hitler’s concentration camps were all Zionist productions too. These Jews were the victims of all the Zionist-funded anti-Semitism, and they do oppose Zionism, but they’re no angels either.

    We have the same enemy, but that doesn’t necessarily make them our friends.

  3. These people are no better than the Zionists. Scum of the earth. Judaism follows the Talmud.

    Need one say more?

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