4 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement – Dirty Harry (Harry Reid) & BLM Land Grab

  1. This is just the tip of the Ice Berg HOA’S the same to take your home.NOW
    BLM wants Texas land on the Red River so they can claim the whole river boundry which covers thousands of miles not just 90,000 acres. Once they get the 90 thousand they will do domain Stealing and take over all the land. Then they will steal the water claiming it is there’s and you can’t have one drop. Then they take the property from Everyone, then take all the resources and oil mineral and gas rights and claim it all theirs then sell it to China.


  2. I think every law abiding gun owner,and voter in the entire country should ask judge Jeanine Pirro to run for a Senate or House of Reps.seat.Maybe she should skip all that and run for president in 2016 .Pirro has the right idea about Dirty Harry Cali(oops,i meant to say Reid).Why can’t the state of Arizona have a recall on Reid and get this embarrassing lifer politician out of Washington?The left always wants to blame John Boehner in the House.It’s really both of them working together to get their way.I’m serious about getting Pirro to run for office.If she was running things the rats in D.C. would run and hide.

    1. You are the problem Emac, If, would, maybe, could, should, vote will not do a GD thing, ARE YOU LISTENING HENRY HAS TOLD YOU WHY A THOUSAND TIME. “TRESON, ARE YOU GOING TO SWING”

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