Kardashian Christmas Card Leaves (Most of) the Boys Out

Behold ... the latest Kardashian Christmas card. (David LaChapelle)

The Kardashians clearly engaging in Satanic worship. Check out the New World Order all-seeing eye and pyramid in the background so famously exhibited by the Hollywood Elite. Note the second set of pictures, especially the one on the right. All these pictures are repleat with in your face symbolism.

Yahoo News – by Elizabeth Durand Streisand

‘Tis the season to celebrate — because the highly anticipated Kardashian Christmas card is here. Debuted on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians: A Very Merry Christmas” special, which aired on Sunday, the snapshot was distinctly more high fashion and notably less … how should we put this … inclusive than in the past.


Snapped by famed photog David LaChapelle, the image is reminiscent of a ransacked carnival, packed with everything from a hot pink staircase covered in graffiti to a burned-out dollar sign to disassembled gold mannequins to broken games featuring the family members’ faces to what appears to be a few abandoned movie theater seats (the kind you would never, ever want to sit in).


Kim showed off her post-baby bod, but no baby or Kanye. (David LaChapelle)


But while the glitz and glam are in full effect, there are still a few notable things missing — namely the men. Other than Kourtney’s son, Mason (who is unfortunately draped over that nasty movie theater seat), the only other man in any of the ladies’ lives who made the Christmas card cut was Kris’s estranged husband, Bruce Jenner.

And while he does appear in the photo, he is literally trapped inside a glass tube labeled “Cashier.” That said, it’s probably worth noting that his old Wheaties box does get to make a cameo, even if it is partially covered by Kendall’s showcased gams.

But where are Kourtney’s baby daddy, Scott Disick; Kim’s fiancé/baby daddy, Kanye West; Khloé’s husband,Lamar Odom; and Kris’s son, Rob Kardashian? (Also, baby North is left out, but she’s probably too young to care yet.)

While we can understand Lamar might not be included depending on when this image was shot — and whether he and Khloé are actually patching things up or not — it seems rather strange to omit the others.


Poor Bruce was the only significant other to make the cut. (David LaChapelle)


Scott has been a staple on the show for ages now and provides a never-ending source of drama for their highly rated TV show. And Kanye seems to have integrated smoothly into the Kardashian web, having appeared on Kris Jenner‘s now-defunct talk show and orchestrating one of the most dramatic proposals in history. And … umm … that guy Rob? Isn’t he like, their biological brother? Unless he was off doing important missionary work (and something tells us he wasn’t) why would he not be included in what is labeled as the “family” holiday photo?

If it is stinging the other men, maybe they can find some solace in the fact that Bruce wasn’t really supposed to be in it either. On the show, when it was explained that the card would only feature the Kardashian women (and Mason), Bruce spoke up.

“I think that’s a terrible decision,” he lamented. “It’s your mom’s and my Christmas card!” (Wait: Just because it’s his Christmas card, he thinks he should be in it?)

When Kris realized she might have hurt Bruce’s feelings by leaving him out, she invited him to be a part of it. How sweet.

Something about the crumbling carnival theme seems eerily appropriate indeed.


9 thoughts on “Kardashian Christmas Card Leaves (Most of) the Boys Out

  1. Hey look, it’s the new whore of Babylon. The elite can’t make up their minds. First Marilyn Monroe, then Madonna, then Lady Gaga and now the Kardashians. One big Illuminati whorefest on TV and in your face.

    1. Short stubby legs, alien looking face, ass as big as a water buffalo’s. Do you want me to go on?

      Americas princess Kim Kardashian is uglier than a bleeding infected hammer toe, with a bacterial nail infection.

      1. Yes Mark, just like the ad says, “Whenever I get an erection that last more than 4 hours, I just pull out the Kardashian Christmas Card and problem solved!” 🙂

  2. The youngest child being held by the mom is giving the hand sign …isn’t that cute. Did anyone see the EMP to the right and above the Dollar sign? The silver glove/hand on the younger Kardashian probably means she is now the chosen one and the old dog with the baby may have been used up??? It looks like MJ’s glove. There are 2 pyramids. I believe the dollar thing is for the dollar dying. If you look real close, to the left of the younger Kardashian and in the window area, there’s a picture of a naked brown skin lady that they had to wash out. Sure there is more.

  3. Someone just commented that the Jesus figure showing with TVs represents the 2nd coming of Christ will to televised. And human inside alien storage container. They are also showing celebrating the conquer or death of the economy. Scumbags!!!!!

  4. If it wasn’t for the father’s outstanding lawyer profession and long term investments the Kardashian girls would be selling corn dogs at Huntington Beach. Completely embellished in their own importance they have no need for a man except for a paycheck, maintenance man and a sperm bank. I looked to Bruce Jenner in the 70’s as the HE MAN in athletics but he is now relegated to house boy toy who’s honest and logical opinions he expresses to the girls is sarcastically ridiculed and ignored. Finally poor Bruce has put an ear ring in his left ear signaling he’s going at least bisexual and is playing a lot of golf with his handsome friend. Those Kardashians would turn Arnold Schwartzenegger gay.

    1. Arnold Schwartzenegger is as gay as a three dollar bill. If you don’t pass the gay “sniff test” in Californication, you will never be elected Governor.

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