4 thoughts on “Land Patent Titles — The Key to True Property Ownership

      1. Horse f-king shit.
        The 9th Article of the ratified law of December 15, 1791 says no authority trumps the Bill of Rights.
        And f-k that fraudulent cuntstitution. It cannot change that fact.
        F-k the Catholic church, the crowned heads of Europe, and shove international law up your ass.
        We the people are the highest jurisdictional authority in this goddamn country, just ask the Mexicans how their land patents held out in Texas after we kicked their f-king asses out.
        The highest law on this planet is the law of the gun. All other law on this planet depends on the law of the gun for authority and their will be no land patent titles worth the paper they are printed on until we are back under the jurisdictional authority of the Bill of Rights and the patent will have to conform to the Bill of Rights which is the law of this land. If it does not we will enforce that law. And personally I don’t give a f-k who likes it or not.

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