Leftist Activists Demand New York Museum Take Down Statue of ‘Racist’ Theodore Roosevelt

The Daily Wire – by Micheal Qazvini

Social justice warriors are never satisfied. If you give them an inch, they’ll take a mile. After demanding that southern states take down statues of Confederate figures, the activist Left is now targeting an iconic American president featured on Mount Rushmore.

On Monday, more than 200 SJW zealots held a protest inside the American Museum of Natural History in New York City to take down the supposedly “racist” statue of former President Theodore Roosevelt. The protest’s organizers, NYC Stands with Standing Rock and Decolonize This Place, also called for Columbus Day to be renamed Indigenous People’s Day.  

“A stark embodiment of the white supremacy that Roosevelt himself espoused and promoted,” pontificated the group of protesters in a statement. “The statue is seen as an affront to all who pass it on entering the museum, but especially to African and Native Americans.”

Marching around the museum in a fit of self-righteous rage, protesters carried signs that read “BLACK LIVES MATTER,” “DECOLONIZE THIS MUSEUM,” and “ABOLISH WHITE SUPREMACY.”

The entire spectacle was underscored by a sort of religious fanaticism.

In fact, the devout left-wing activists moved from exhibit to exhibit in a trance-like motion burning sage and exuberantly playing Native American music.

Activists had purportedly planned the event three weeks in advance in order to make the bizarre show of leftist rage as special as possible.

“The group started with a 10-stop tour of the museum in which they highlighted a variety of exhibits they felt were racist and misrepresentative, which ranged from how the representation of Africans reinforces negative stereotypes to the exoticizing of Islam in the Hall of Islam exhibit,” reports The Guardian.

While the protesters managed to create a disruption at the museum, they failed to take down Roosevelt’s statue mounted outside thanks to 25 police officers who stood guard and protected the president.


3 thoughts on “Leftist Activists Demand New York Museum Take Down Statue of ‘Racist’ Theodore Roosevelt

  1. No one have ever on a grand scale taken up the torch to defend us red people and I don’t think they are going to start now. I think the tribes need to find another bandwagon to jump on. We lost, leave it alone, either go live the way you want on what little land you have left or assimilate. We can’t turn back the clock and none of us were alive to fight the good fight.

  2. “… the supposedly “racist” statue of former President Theodore Roosevelt.”

    If he was another Rosenfeld… then he WAS a racist.

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