Liberia to prosecute man who brought Ebola to US

ABC News, AP

Liberian authorities say they plan to prosecute the man infected with Ebola who brought the disease to the United States, saying he lied on his airport health questionnaire.

With an Ebola crisis raging in West Africa, passengers leaving Liberia are being screened for fever and are asked if they have had contact with anyone infected.  

On the questionnaire obtained by The Associated Press, Thomas Eric Duncan answered ‘no’ to those questions.

Neighbors say Duncan had helped a sick pregnant woman who later died of the disease. Her illness at the time was believed to be pregnancy-related.

Binyah Kesselly, chairman of the board of directors of the Liberia Airport Authority, told reporters Thursday that Duncan will be prosecuted when he returns to Liberia.

6 thoughts on “Liberia to prosecute man who brought Ebola to US

  1. Duncan most likely knew he had Ebola as the whole family of the pregnant
    woman died from Ebola and a friend of Duncan also died who also aided
    the pregnant woman, Mercy. He knew he would not get any decent care
    if any if he stayed in Liberia. So I think he came to the US for care
    and was expected to be admitted the first time he went to the hosp after
    telling his history. I would expect this will happen again as there 100,000
    West Africans with VISA’s.

  2. saying he lied on his airport health questionnaire.

    But Øsurper said the measures in place will prevent Ebola from coming to the US (after the fact he still maintains his typically idotic position).

    About as effective as most Gov measures; consider gun control.

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