Lockheed Laser Gun Destroys Truck From a Mile Away

Truck Destroyed by Lockheed Martin LaserSputnik

Military contractor Lockheed Martin unveiled a new laser that is so powerful it can disable a vehicle parked more than a mile away.

It’s a system that is probably the most powerful the company has ever rolled out, and Lockheed tested it by firing it from a mile away and aiming at the engine of a small truck. The laser delivered, hitting the truck and creating a hole on the hood that burned right thru the engine and disabled it.  

Known as ATENA, or Advanced Test High Energy Asset laser system, it demonstrates “rapidly evolving precision,” says Lockheed.

“The laser weapon system successfully disable the engine of a small truck during a recent field test, demonstrating the rapidly evolving precision capability to protect military forces and critical infrastructures,” Lockheed Martin said in a statement.

“This test represents the next step to providing lightweight and rugged laser weapon systems for military aircraft, helicopters, ships, and trucks.”

This particular system is unique, says Lockheed, because it combines different lasers into one beam that is more efficient and more powerful than single lasers. The company calls the technique of putting together more than one laser, “spectral beam combining.”

Lockheed Martin is the US Defense Department’s top contractor, receiving $10 million in contracts last year alone, according to the magazine Defense Systems.

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4 thoughts on “Lockheed Laser Gun Destroys Truck From a Mile Away

  1. “Oh boys, over here, look at this new toy I got.” “It’ll light your cigar from a mile away!”

  2. I”m not sure if this actually exists, or if it’s a fictional “invention” designed to scare us into submission, but it’s a good time to remind people to make FLIR cammo, because I think a lot of the targeting of any high-tech weaponry they actually do have will depend on heat signatures.

    “Lockheed Martin is the US Defense Department’s top contractor, receiving $10 million in contracts last year alone, according to the magazine Defense Systems.”

    This sentence also causes me to question the veracity of the entire article, because I think our “top defense contractor” gets a lot more than $10 million per year in contracts.

  3. There is no mention on how well these laser weapons work on a moving targets.
    If the light beam is prevented from delivering high heat on one point with a highly reflective surface and movement, for now the risk from these weapons are minimal.

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