Longmont gun shop trains workers to look for warning signs

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LONGMONT, Colo. — At Grandpas Pawn and Gun in Longmont, passing a background check doesn’t mean it will sell a firearm.

Many questions have been raised about the mental status of a teenager who legally purchased an AR-15 then allegedly opened fire at a Florida high school, killing 15 people.

At the Longmont shop, clerks have been trained to watch for signs of trouble. 

“Rule No. 1 is to know who you are handing this gun to because you don’t know what could happen at any moment,” said Christopher Lewis, who is a gunsmith and salesman.

Clerks have been trained to detect warning signs that a gun application won’t catch.

Jake Tiff, who also sells guns at the shop said some people are, “Just real off. You know they are looking around, looking over their shoulders. They’re looking at your cameras. They’re looking at you seeing if your armed. They’re just real flighty. You can sense it.”

At that point, the customer is turned away.

The clerks at Grandpas will also call other stores and let them know about the person they say is showing signs of trouble.

“I’d rather tell a hundred guys no than give a gun to a guy that I have reasonable belief he’s going to go use it for misdeeds,” Lewis said.

At Grandpas, knowing when to say no is the right thing to do.

Longmont gun shop trains workers to look for warning signs

6 thoughts on “Longmont gun shop trains workers to look for warning signs

  1. It’s paranoid statist faggots like this that give the 2A a bad name and will lead to it’s demise if not answered. They should lead by example and disarm themselves because they already have several mental defects. Paranoia, homosexuality and Stockholm syndrome are the first I can think of…

  2. Longmont gun shop has no right to deny someone their second article rights.

    If it’s a business that’s open to the public, I think they’re required to sell a gun to any qualified buyer, and shouldn’t be allowed to apply their own infringements because someone “looks flighty”.

  3. I look at it like this:
    If I open shop and don’t want to do business with an individual, or another business, it ain’t gonna happen. Regardless of the product, or service I’m providing.

  4. Some people pick strange hills to die on
    If people don’t like something about a place even political , they can and maybe should lose business
    Than again having principals that others don’t understand can drive decisions
    Sometimes we are our own worse enemy

  5. This is a tough one. I’m a huge gun guy. Just bought an LCP II the other day and have a CCP. The checkout was pretty tough at the end. A manager was brought over and I was again, verbally quizzed about every single piece of information I provided, I liked that.

    I know Longmont, one of the best gun stores I’ve ever been to is there, another north of there in Loveland is pretty damn good too. The people that inhabit those areas are about as scary as a bread stick, so I don’t know who he’s denying guns to, so I believe he’s saying this for political purposes. However, I live in South Florida now and I carry every day. I don’t want to either. If you could see the scum down here, man…and they get sold guns. I wouldn’t sell a gun to 70% of the people down here. I was at the range last week trying out new ammo and there again was a black dude trying to get a gun and he was a felon. They just keep trying until someone makes a mistake in the database. The guy that was behind the counter was a total POS. I wouldn’t have trusted my laundry to this idiot. Within 5 minutes of paying my fee, etc. He had already told me he was a trained military contractor (blackwater) was offered $600 a day to go to Iraq, etc, etc, etc. until I just said f-k this conversation and f-k this store, which sucks because it’s cheap there. On my way out he turned and in the small of his back was a 12″ knife tucked through his belt. What a f-king retard. Just like all these losers on SSR’s shooting up places and threatening the 2nd Amend, we have these f-k sticks, f-king up the 2nd on our side. Shitty all the way around. If I hear another “blackwater trained” moron lie one more time, I’m calling them out. This dipshit couldn’t have taken a bus stop with backup and close air support. The point is, we need positive steps and positive appearance. The Longmont guy is right and it is his right as a business owner. I don’t like hearing it, but it’s true. If he said that down here people would love it.

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