Look Close Under the Eye



This is the scrawny little punk that appeared in a picture with another puke, holding Saturday night specials and trying to pose bad.

Looks like they’re out to copy the gang land motifs.


9 thoughts on “Look Close Under the Eye

    1. Oh they will try it but it might not come in the form that you think. The Bolshevik, Communist Jews along with their murdering midgets from Mexico and Negro henchmen will use gas, bio-weapons, thermal scopes, military equipment and all sorts of OUR own technology against us. Of course I’ll probably be banned from here for telling the truth.

  1. those Tattoos are not bullet proof

    funny thing is..some people are intimidated by Tatts , and Im sure thats part of the point of them
    funny thing is, that dont work on this hick
    so that blows their first line of defense when it comes to kats like me

  2. Yes Funny Farmer, I knew I had seen him in this garb but I just can’t remember where. Possibly Dave Chappelle’s Show. Snoop Dog, he just shows up where the money and weed are. As far as those MS-13 heavily tattooed Hep C carriers, they can go back where they came from: Hell.

  3. Oh… like we haven’t seen the opposite side in this racists’ debate; where KKK or Nazi White Supremacists have “Kill Blackie” (or tattoos using the forbidden “N” word).

    We all know that Obama and Holder want to covertly start a race war at home in order to instate Martial Law before we presumably will kill each other. I’m still not convinced that Michael Brown is any more dead than the “alleged” child victims at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    When we help to stir the pot of racial hate, it assures a victory for Obama’s and Holder’s agenda. I understand that there will always be bad people, which emanate from all races, creeds, and colors. I’m also smart enough to realize when I’m a potential pawn getting sucked into a staged Race War.

    Why else would a crap hole like Ferguson, Missouri be getting International attention from AP News and human rights groups, let-alone have 24/7 National coverage at home.

    The game is called: Divide and Conquer. They launch us at each others throats on issues of Race, Religion, or any other topic that stirs hate and furious debate.

    Don’t get sucked into the PTB’s grinding machine… wake the f#@k up people!

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