Mainstream Media Loop Back to Blaming the Victims

The propaganda machine continues to run in an ever shrinking loop, which is contributing to a mass awakening as memory span is becoming less essential to that end.  Last week was spent perpetuating the lie of a jobs recovery and this week will be spent in demonizing those who have lost everything as a result of the socialist insurgency and the international frauds.  To get the ball rolling Fox Business put forth a whole panel of elitists to attack the unemployed and the basic work ethic here in our country.

It is a fact that our middle class continues to shrink as more and more working poor are being thrust into the deepest depth of poverty.  There is and has for a long time been an open and out front continuing effort to drive the standard of living for 90% of us down, while the other 10% bury themselves in wealth and luxury.

To add insult to injury we have the socialist elitist, Tracy Byrnes, saying, “The only thing job benefits stimulate is apathy because it’s much easier to stay home and collect a check than to take a job at McDonalds.  And people forget minimum wage is not forever, your goal is to grow and make more money, but we are so lazy these days.  Let’s take 99 weeks of a freebie.  You’re borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.  We saw it with the Hostess union guys who said we’d rather take unemployment than take concessions.  We’ve become a really pathetic society.”

To a hundred million out here, the victims of the great fraud, this is pure unmitigated bullshit and we know it.  But to Tracy the Elitist Byrnes, the theft of our lives is something we should just accept.  How dare we blame her elitist masters?  Why won’t we just accept slavery and allow her to get on with her prosperous life?

Tracy Byrnes you are a pathetic pig and there are no words to describe the depth of your contempt for reality.

This panel went on to say that there are 3 unemployed people for every available job.  More slipshod propaganda derived from the lies as to the real unemployment numbers.  If three applicants to every job are equated to the lie of 12 million unemployed, then the real number has to be 24 applicants for every job at 100 million unemployed.

No thinking American is buying any of this anymore and considering the increased gun sales I have to believe a lot more Americans are thinking.

I tell you, Tracy Byrnes, your assist to the treachery is duly noted and catalogued, and one day soon you are going to find yourself confronted with your own words as you are being judged for your crimes against our Republic.  Never have I seen a person of such low quality hold themselves in such unrealistically high esteem.  We will afford to you that which you believe you as an elitist can deny us and that is a fair trial before you are judged and punished.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

14 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Loop Back to Blaming the Victims

  1. “Tracy Byrnes you are a pathetic pig”

    Henry you really should be more accurate, there may be young readers who have not been taught that words have gender. You should say (to be grammatically correct):

    “Tracy Byrnes you are a pathetic sow”

    1. Hi PJ,

      No,.. Mr. Shively had it right.

      Tracy Burns must have a set of BALLS the size of church bells to make a statement like that, as she tries to dick the American public in the keyster with all this Bernaysian Propaganda!

      That he/she/dyke/it/slime isn’t worth the distinction of gender recognition,.. only her wanton display of treason and treachery should be addressed for what it is.

      JD – US Marines – Pigs like Tracy Byrnes will be held accountable for their treason when those trials start.

      1. Tracy Byrnes has no balls. It’s just an airhead with a blond wig that recites the script it is paid to. It amazes me, that anyone even listens to this kind of sh*t. Rob

  2. Yeah, the Fox Saturday morning business shows and Morning Joe on MSNBC were the reason I cancelled my cable, seriously.

  3. I hope the pirates in Somalia enjoy their pork dinner when that fat sow is sent to Somalia with a bottle of barbeque sauce tied around her neck!

    Anyone stupid enough to believe the crap spewed out of the mainstream media about the fictional “recovery” are 100% stupid and should be bleached from the gene pool!

  4. Main Stream Media is Main Stream Misinformation it is there to tell you what you can think and to deflect from any truth.

    Most people believe they know the truth while deep down they cannot handle the Truth and that is why they will not question what their masters propagandize. They know as fact that Al Queda is good in Syria, Assad is bad, Al Queda is bad in Afghanistan, Obama is the Lord and the Savior, personal debt is a good sacrifice to make for the economy and socialism is good without thinking these matters through.

    All thought is pure trivial for the average person and if presented with the Truth in unarguable facts they will cover it up instantly as a self protection using some alternate but brainless topic or aspect. They cower like dogs being beaten, leave themselves indebted and vulnerable, always left in the gutter of life and then they turn around and lick the hands of those that inflict their maximum pain.

    Sad times.

  5. “We’ve become a really pathetic society.”

    Using the standard MSM formula, all that’s necessary is to flip the script 180 degrees, and we arrive at the truth of the matter.

    Ergo, this should read “We (elitists) have become a really pathetic (portion of) society”.

    1. Assuming the exact opposite of what the MSM and the government says has been my standard operating procedure for years. That way I have the truth more often than not.

  6. “Tracy Byrnes, saying, “The only thing job benefits stimulate is apathy because it’s much easier to stay home and collect a check than to take a job at McDonalds. And people forget minimum wage is not forever, your goal is to grow and make more money, but we are so lazy these days.””

    BAHAHAAHA!!!! Tracy Byrnes forgets that minimum wage IS forever and regardless of YOUR goal being to grow and make money, the elite and their fascist corporate entities goal is to make sure YOU never get more than minimum wage or your entry-level wage, while THEY grab all the rest.

    Come to my call center job at Liquidation Channel. I have co-workers that have worked there for 4 years and have still never gotten a raise. Same entry level pay. How’s that for laziness, Tracy? Maybe you should talk to their CEO’s.

    Meanwhile all our customers are either Asian, Indian (from India), Russians or Mexicans who for some reason can afford items that are over $200 dollars, but meanwhile the White and Black American Nationals who call cannot afford items over $10-20 dollars.

    We are totally being invaded by foreigners who are stealing our wealth and they can’t even speak English when they order over the phone!! My co-workers and I are always complaining, “For the love of god, can we get customers who can speak ENGLISH!!!” And these foreign customers act like WE are the stupid ones because we cannot understand THEIR English. I’m sorry, but if I were teaching them English like I did in China, I’d FAIL EVERY F**KING ONE OF THEM!!!

    Simple English questions:

    I ask, “What’s your name?”
    They respond, “Ok”.

    I ask, “What’s your Cable service provider?”
    They respond, “I don’t understand. I’m not a homeowner.”

    I ask, “What’s your name?”
    They respond, “My name is Shakir Hinduhinduitanhiamim” (Made up name)
    I ask, “How do you spell it?”
    They respond, “What do you mean you don’t know how to spell “Shakir Hinduhinduitanhaimim”? It’s easy. Don’t you know how to spell?”

    Unbelievable people!

    1. By the way, Liquidation Channel was bought out by Indians from India, even though the president of the company is a Black American, the CEOs are all Indians. Thank you come, again! So I wouldn’t be surprised if next year, our jobs were outsourced to India or Indonesia or something. I’m still waiting for that announcement. I mean we only work for a little over $8/hr. I guess in India or Indonesia, they can work for a cheaper $6/hr. Who knows.

      1. And by the way, most of our jewelry products fall apart and become defective when they are shipped in the mail. What do you expect from cheap products that are made in India, China, and Mexico? Yes, the corporation I work for is quite pathetic. Especially when it is rated as a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY!!

        Sorry for the rants. lol

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