Manchester “Terror” Attack – “Ellen, Ellen, Ooooooooh, Ellen, Ellen, Ellen”

Published on May 30, 2017 by Kearnsy74

Seriously now, is this what passes for news these days is it? Am I being forced to believe this story just because everybody else in the world believes it and because they seen it on the corporately owned TV networks & read it in the corporately owned newspapers?

What happens if I say I don’t believe it? Will you call me crazy, will you deem me to be a conspiracy theorist? Will you say I have mental health issues?

Never mind eh folks, you just keep on smiling, dancing, shopping, voting and coming together with all the other brainwashed tv watching & newspaper reading moronic idiots out there and it’ll soon be Christmas, then we can all live happily ever after in la la land with all the little fairies, elves and pixies with Mr government taking care of us all protecting us from the big bad wolf

Well, not me obviously, lock me away in my padded cell, I don’t believe this shit, so I must be crazy right? I said, right?

4 thoughts on “Manchester “Terror” Attack – “Ellen, Ellen, Ooooooooh, Ellen, Ellen, Ellen”

  1. “Holy hell Ellen may be dead, but, let me stop..turn on my camera…um let’s see..make sure I’m looking in the camera…now let’s start looking for Ellen. OK stop here…comment on what is obvious…”. Yep completely real….right?

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