Mandatory evacuation issued for city of Wharton, Texas

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The mayor of the city of Wharton has called for a mandatory evacuation as of 9am today.  

The evacuation area is bounded by S Sheppard on the east, N Hendon on the north, Highway 59 on the west and Camellia on the south and from S Sunset from Bell St to Cloud due to the rise of the Colorado River.

This is the forecast for the Colorado River issued at 2:04 A.M. by the River Forecast Center NWS. The forecast shows the crest to be 47.3 feet at about 7:00 P.M. on Thursday, April 21. This is six hours sooner than the previous projection. The river is forecast to remain in a fairly flat crest from 1:00 PM April 21 until 7:00 A.M. April 22 at which time it is forecast to slowly recede.

Officials warn residents to make preparations now to leave if you are in the mandatory evacuation area.

A shelter is available at the Wharton Junior High School Gymnasium for those residents who will be displaced.

Wharton ISD schools and offices will be closed Thursday and Friday due to the Colorado River flooding event. Classes will resume on Monday.

4 thoughts on “Mandatory evacuation issued for city of Wharton, Texas

  1. Mandatory evacuation.
    Hmmmm… looks like the town of Wharton just got a public enema.
    Maybe the mayor should learn a lesson from Memphis and break the sewage pipelines first and dump it in the river.
    That way they can come up for air reducing the chances of inhaling a turd.
    Plus a good bath.
    Good going mayor…you definitely have earned your paycheck.
    Smells like a Godsmack to me.

  2. Down here in the South mandatory only means if you don’t leave youare on your own no emergency services provided. They don’t actually come take you away. The folks who leave either have a good reason or can’t fend for themselves. When we get these floods in South Louisiana a lot of prepared folks ride it out. Same as the good folks in Texas. The rains over there were bad. We got several inches here in SOLA they got more than we did. The awake folks didn’t evacuate they just topped off their fuel and tied their boat to the porch. 😉

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