Mark and Barb Arrested For Exercising Free Speech Near Liberty Bell And Independence Hall

Published on May 28, 2013 by Mark Passio


On Saturday, May 18th at 3:00 pm, I was walking with my wife Barb in Philadelphia from Market Street to Chestnut Street between 5th and 6th Streets, and handed out a few fliers about how the Federal Reserve Bank is de-valuing our nation’s currency to people standing in the line at the Liberty Bell location (something I have done almost 20 times in the past).

I briefly spoke to a couple of them who asked me for more information. We then proceeded to continue to walk to Chestnut Street when we were stopped by two Park Police who said that I could not hand out fliers without a permit (I had already finished handing them out actually; I had a few left in my hand, and was in the process of leaving the area).

They began citing some obscure federal regulation that I had never heard of. I calmly told them that I was peacefully exercising the Rights of Free Speech and Free Press as I was walking through the area, which are Natural Rights which can not be granted by man, nor alienated from man, and which they do not have the “right,” regardless of what the terms of their “job” may tell them, to usurp from me or to stop me from exercising.

I informed them that the unalienable Rights to Free Speech and Free Press were also guaranteed and protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, which, as the highest legal document of American law, certainly trumps and negates any un-Constitutional federal regulation which they were quoting to me, even under their own legal system.

I calmly informed them that they were violating those Natural Human Rights by even attempting to stop people from exercising them and claiming that our Free Speech Rights can be invalidated by an obscure regulation, and by making the claim that I now need to PAY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FOR PERMISSION to exercise a Natural Human Right. I then proceeded to attempt to walk away toward Fifth Street on Chestnut Street, when these Park Police told me that I was NOT FREE to walk away from them, even though I had long since finished handing anyone any fliers and had done absolutely nothing to harm anyone or violate anyone else’s rights.

They appeared to be viciously angered at my declaration that I had engaged in a peaceful activity that was a Natural Right, and that they had no right to attempt to stop me from exercising it. Along with many other Park Police who had gathered while I was speaking to the original two officers, they followed me and Barb onto Chestnut Street, violently stopped us from proceeding on our way, put handcuffs on both of us (mine were applied so tightly that I have lost feeling in a large portion of the top of my left hand and will need to see a doctor about possible permanent nerve damage), unlawfully arrested our freedom of movement for over 20 minutes, unlawfully searched my person when I told them that I did not consent to any searches, stole my property in the form of the remaining fliers which I had paid to print, and, adding insult to injury, also stole a $20 bill from my wallet, which I discovered was missing when they returned it to me, after releasing us.

They attempted to give me a citation for exercising Free Speech, which I refused to take from them, because I will not admit that I did anything morally wrong or have my time wasted to “defend” myself, as my actions harmed no other being, and I was doing my duty to warn people about the de-valuation of their earnings and savings, and in doing so exercising a Natural Right which is “allegedly” Constitutionally protected in America. They told me that a warrant will be issued for my arrest if I did not take the citation from them, and I still refused.

Free Speech is being shut down in America. America is actively, right before our eyes, being turned into a Police State such as Hitler’s Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Soviet Russia, and if you do not agree with that statement after reading the above, you either think that “keeping your head in the sand” will make the increasing problem go away, or you are a coward who will not speak up for Human Rights, or both.

The Rights and Freedom of your children and their children are at stake. When people say they don’t care because it happened to someone else and not to them, they should seriously keep in mind that it could very easily be them next, or their children. Americans need to WAKE UP, take their eyes off the television for a few minutes, and start to inform themselves about just how far into tyranny this once-great nation is slipping, and then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, by speaking out to everyone around them, and taking action to show so-called “public servants” that their immoral and CRIMINAL activities will not stand in our supposedly “free” land.

Mark Passio —

14 thoughts on “Mark and Barb Arrested For Exercising Free Speech Near Liberty Bell And Independence Hall

  1. Perhaps the couple’s words were more an offense to certain people who contribute to and profit off such goings in our economy…..their National Museum of American Jewish History right next door to our country’s national monument.

  2. I hope they got the names of all cops involved so they can be named in a claim to file into federal court [court of record/common law]. No man or woman was harmed. This is a clear violation of their oath of office.

  3. Could they be good Eagle Scouts who have become part of O’s civilian military? Most of them looked very young. I think the camera guy and Mark and Barbara gave them lots to think about concerning the bill of rights they were violating.

  4. Glad to see that many people in Philadelphia have their heads on straight and actually scared the shit out of these 5 or 6 “PARK POLICE” who have no authority to do what they are doing to these people. Park permit to speak freely and hand out fliers? HAHAHA!! What a joke. Warrant issued for an arrest if he does not accept the citation. WHO THE HELL DO THEY THINK THEY ARE.

    You know, I was in San Antonio, TX a few weeks ago and I couldn’t help but laugh and be amazed at the amount of “PARK POLICE” cars driving around the city. Not regular police, but “PARK POLICE”. What the hell are “Park Police” doing in the city anyways? And why do they need to drive squad cars in the city if they are suppose to be working in “THE PARK”? Bicycles don’t do it for them anymore. Don’t feel like burning off them donuts? Unnecessary use of spending on the part of the government, of course. Police state people, that’s all it is. Spending money on government and Big Brother while screwing the people.

    Anyways, back to the story. Every time and I mean EVERY time I see a cop wear those secret service like sunglasses when there’s ZERO sunlight, it makes me want to deck them right in the face. These assholes think that a pair of sunglasses are suppose to make them cool and intimidating? All it shows is their cowardice to look at someone in the eye. They want you to take off your sunglasses when talking to them, but when they do it, it’s ok and they are “exempt” because they have a toy badge. How pathetic. Who’s the coward now? One of the young guys looks scared behind his glasses. The other guy was trying to pretend he was all macho and then makes up an excuse, “You’re too close to his firearm.” HAHAHAHA!!! What a joke. This is what should be happening around the country. More incidents like this and more people with videocams and pedestrians watching it all unfold and getting together to help these victims by chasing the tyrants away.

    I can tell the one skinny, young guy with shades will be re-thinking his life when he goes home later. He looked really ashamed. While the “your too close to his firearm” guy will go home and brag about how he abused two people for doing nothing.

    Actually they all remind me of a group of bullies walking away to the other end of the park in the end of the video as though they just stole two kids’ lunch money and looked back and said, “Heh! Heh!” like the Nelsons (The Simpsons) that they are.

    “The flyers are evidence.” HAHAHA!!! Oh yea, those flyers are pure evil. Be careful. They might even be laced with RICIN! OH NO!!

    Haha! These asshole cops ought to go work for Bloominidiot since they share the same stupidity.

  5. Douchebag glorified mall cops…maybe they’ll be on-duty and vaporized in the next big “terror” event, which my bet is that the shadow government bankster ziopsychos are going to set off a nuke in Philadelphia, quite possibly around July 4th in accordance with their usual symbolic modus operandi and to really kick their depraved plans into high gear. I’m tellin’ ya, someplace in the United States (and my guess is Philly) is going to get nuked by those psychopaths (perpetrated by the usual scumbags but will be blamed on either Iran or people in the Patriot movement) within the next few months, unless Mother Nature beats them to the punch and really lays a heavy whooping down on a wide swath of the country. I pray that neither happens but something really big is coming soon…

  6. The arm patches worn are the National Park Service.
    When did Congress create the National Park Service?
    National Park Service Organic Act
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jump to: navigation, search
    The National Park Service Organic Act (or simply “the Organic Act” within the National Park Service, conservationists, etc.) is a United States federal law that established the National Park Service (NPS), an agency of the United States Department of the Interior. The Act was signed into law on August 25, 1916, by President Woodrow Wilson, and is located in Title 16 of the United States Code. 39 Stat. at L. 545. As a side note, the Department of Interior has no authority in the several states (non Federal land).

    There is a very good reason the above citation would simply refer to the Act as merely “The Organic Act”. Where does 39 Stat. 545 have application?
    The National Park Service Organic Act for the Philippines
    “In enacting laws for the Philippines, Congress and the Philippine legislature, to which it has delegated general legislative power, are limited only by the provisions of the fundamental law; they have all the powers, both of national and of municipal government, since there can be no conflict with the reserved power of the states.

    That the requirement continued operative thereafter results from the further fact that it was re-expressed in § 658 of ‘the Administrative Code of 1917, which Code was adopted to meet the exigencies created by the later Organic Act of the Philippine Islands, enacted by Congress August 29, 1916 (39 Stat. at L. 545, ‘chap. 416, Comp. Stat. 3804a, Fed. Stat. Anno. Supp. 1918, p. 592).”

  7. Time for Article V, our first constitutional right to be used – by us.

    With preparatory amendment, amendment effecting these three things.

    1)Ending the abridging of free speech
    2)Campaign finance reform
    3)Secure the vote (diebold issue)

    With proper preparation Article V is completely safe and cannot runaway or be hijacked. Preparation will enable Americans to know constitutional intent, which Article V depends upon. As Lincoln said in 1859, “the people are the rightful masters of the congress and the courts”, AND, Article V is the legal peaceful revolution that Jefferson envisioned.

    Mark Passios experience is a signal IT IS TIME for us to dissolve our differences and unify behind the principles of our constitution in it defense, our futures and evolution.

    1. What part of this foreign insurgency into our country aren’t you getting, Christopher? Do you think that just all of a sudden like these treasonous bastards are just going to recognize Article 5 when they have already flushed the Constitution and Bill of Rights? These scum bags are enforcing their will at the barrel of the gun, hence this is the only way they can be removed and to assert anything else is pure bullshit, bred of cowardice and naivety.

      1. Awe Henry, that Christipher guy must be some educated guy that read too many books about law. LOL. The law doesn`t mean nothin` in the courts of law unless ya got a good lawyer to buy off the court system. You know what I`m sayin` Henry, I am sure. This Christopher is probobly a recent graduate and just got his BAR membership. 🙂

        1. Christopher’s heart is in the right place, now if we can convince his brain that voting, demonstrating, signing petitions, or taking issues to court are a complete waste of time, we will have accomplished something.

          1. Taking issues to court would be fine if people would stop using the administrative courts. Use a court of record instead. They are still available in our nation, for the time being.

  8. Never get a lawyer. The only court of law that is available is called a court of record [common law]. No lawyers allowed. The other courts that you are accustomed to, are administrative courts that deal with statutes, not law. Statutes are corporation policy for members of that particular corporation. The police are policy enforcers for that corporation. The “judges” you see on the bench, in “court”, are really only public trustees administrating the bankruptcy of 1933 and the Reconstruction Act. We went from public law to public policy in 1938. If you are a member of that corporation, you don’t have rights, you have privileges that can be revoked at any time without due process of law. Get out of the foreign-owned, bankrupt corporation known as “United States” and become an American again, with all the inherent rights that your Creator gave you.

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