Mark Levin’s Dangerous Constitutional Convention Proposal

Published on Aug 26, 2013 – by TheJohnBirchSociety

JBS CEO Art Thompson’s weekly news video update for Aug. 26 – Sept. 1, 2013.

In this week’s analysis behind the news video, JBS CEO Art Thompson discusses talk-show host Mark Levin’s new book, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic; how this new book proposes an Article V constitutional convention as part of the solution to our problem of an out-of-control federal government; and some good reasons why such a convention would be dangerous.

6 thoughts on “Mark Levin’s Dangerous Constitutional Convention Proposal

  1. I can see where lowering from 3/4 to 2/3 could be bad but not the convention itself just certain issues or amendmants. I would like to see the power of congress to “tax” people on products or services they don’t buy to be made illegal, and remove from the president the power of executive order or at least require a vote from the senate to give the order a temporary standing for less than one year then
    another vote after the trial peroid to see if it continues or dies.

    1. The thing is the currant governance does not do what “we the people” want.So under a Constitutional Convention they could officially impose tyranny,as the law and get rid of all and any jurisdictional and punitive restrictions. They technically break these everyday anyways but…

      I agree with this guy .He said we needed to just follow what is already the law of the land. The Constitution of the United States of America. He did however leave out that we are WAAAYYYY past suits and appointments to discuss upholding the constitution.

      At least after the revolution people will have a great system to draw on again until they cant keep it. Perhaps you will get what you think is right then???

  2. In no way will a document hold any water unless the people
    force it to do so. I agree that any new amendments will be wholly ignored as they are now. We can’t even seem to protect our natural rights within the bill of rights.

    And sadly, why do I get the feeling Levin is a crypto-jew?
    Levin, levine, levite, tribe of Levi…see the pattern?
    And he’s pimped all over mossad mouthpiece Worldnetdaily.
    ’nuff said

    This constitutional convention is being called because the people are sufficiently dumbed down not to notice the damage being done.

    I do agree with Thomas Jefferson’s assessment that not enough was done to tie the hands of the government. His proposal of forbidding the government from borrowing money is one I support wholeheartedly.

    Jefferson in his own words:
    To Major John Cartwrigt Monticello, June 5, 1824

    Mark Levin is a zionist provocateur acting in sedition against our current constitution and should be dealt with accordingly.


  3. A Constitutional Convention is dangerous, what if they got rid of all the ones the NSA, CIA, FBI breaks? After all we still have OATH BREAKERS holding office, nobody bothers to ask how what activities communists and other oath breakers will operate during the process.

    What if there are enough oath breakers in the states to get the votes?

    I tend to agree with the simplicity theory, just obey your oath to the US Constitution and all these problems go away, because your not allowed to just ignore violations of the Constitution. Literally that’s the whole problem, oath breakers and their secret activities. The proof is in their actions. Just look how screwed up things are because oath breakers are doing bankster’s agenda.

    But then we have dual citizen on intelligence committee. How’s that possible? How can a dual citizen even take the oath?

    Put me in charge of security, and Feinstein (among others) won’t be coming round anymore, The halls will be cleared of unaccountable debris, the vaults and networks locked down and both foreign and domestic political dirty tricks not tolerated.. I ain’t even a security dude. But I was BORN HERE!!
    I am an electronics dude. I am somewhat programming dude, I am somewhat networking dude. And watching all this bankster whore/horror show has me pissed. I’d have them all locked out of the system in 24 hours. If the system can’t be locked down, it would be shut down.

    The next thing I would do is gather 20 of my best friends (born here in the US) I grew up with and trust my life to, they would be in charge of reviewing EVERYONE’s security clearances in government.

    Feinstein wouldn’t have access to CLASSIFIED if I was in charge. Forget about SECRET and TOP SECRET. Her career is effectively over. Her access to the Government’s networks denied. It’s so serious that I would give her a choice, deny Israel citizenship, or be removed from office immediately as a domestic terrorist/spy.

    That’s just one person. And ya know what, so what. It starts with one. It’s not a witch hunt. IF you broke your oath, your toast, if you obeyed your oath your stoked.

    But for this to happen I would have to be in charge of security. See. Lots of commies/neo-nazi’s out there wouldn’t like it. Not one bit. In fact I would need security. But I wouldn’t go as far as COG type security — WHY? Cause it’s not in the Constitution.

    Continuity Of Government is NOT IN THE CONSTITUTION!!! Yes I am yelling, not saying Corporation.. I can’t keep those law in foreign languages, that isn’t in plain ass english straight anyway. ;o)

    Oh that’s the other thing I would do with my country’s security. Spell it out for you in plain ass english. If you don’t read plain ass english, your not accessing our networks and vaults. So keep your latin and other bs at home in your dictionary.

    Also I would develop a KILL switch.

    Not like the internet kill switch.
    Not like the X, Y, Z kill switch.

    My kill switch turns off access to classified material.
    Boom, system is shutting down.. Screw the “Please Logout” message popup

    Maybe even a computer on an SCR. just boom instant off. Think how Feinstein’s bowls would feel, when she goes to file some bill to take away the 1st amendment and BOOM her screen goes blank and access is cut off, she KNOWS she, undermining the nation, and it has an instant cause/effect in her face. If you put me in charge of Security, She will have that butterfly/pit in the stomach when the screens go blank. Actually any oath breaker, will instantly know they are toast when their screen goes blank. I want it to be a psychological effect. Office Chatter, did you hear, The Senator’s screen went blank this morning, and there are rumours of embezzlement. I want that FEAR back in Security where it belongs!!!

    But also not to allow rumour to rule. It’s SIMPLE like the man said in this video, OBEY YOUR OATH SO HELP YOU GOD!

    1. Oh hell I missed my most important point (Maybe I ain’t best for security–I digress)

      You can’t have the people who been causing all these problems, also be in charge of this constitutional convention, because they already hate the constitution.

      what you would get from a majority of oath breakers in a constitutional convention is a dictatorship with no constitution.

      1. yup!

        Impressive rant TestPilotDummy.
        But it was your reply that made me want to reply saying i agree.

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