Martin Luther King Day – Holiday Hypocrisy

Today is Martin Luther King Day, which, if looked upon through earnest eyes, should induce a feeling of pride in that it marks a time when our people came together across the board to enforce constitutionally guaranteed rights for a segment of our society that was being denied these fundamental protections.  Of course like everything else, the occasion will be used in an attempt to divide, as our enemies will not show the progress we have made, but rather an emphasis will be put on any and all differences that remain.

How convenient that Obama’s inauguration will be on Martin Luther King Day, a great way to work amnesty for his southern insurgency into the message, and woe be it to the dissenters who will be marked as racist as par for the course.

I think it is becoming very frustrating to the status quo that we American nationals have found it within ourselves to put all of our differences aside and come together as American patriots, determined to reinstate our Republic under our Constitution.

It is a little hard to make the argument for race divide once you have come to the realization that the Zionists declare we Americans not of the Jewish faith, regardless of the color of our skin, to be not but soulless animals.  Is this the state of equality we have been thriving for?  Is this what Martin Luther King, Jr. stood for, equality among animals?

We must reject this notion, not only here at home, but around the world as this game can be played on many fronts.

The outrage that the Zionists intended to instill in us through the false flag of Sandy Hook should be redirected toward the real murders of tens of thousands of children in Palestine.  If we truly find child murder repulsive and unacceptable, we must end the hypocrisy and assert the standard across the board.

Which among God’s children shall be considered exempt from his blessing?

4 thoughts on “Martin Luther King Day – Holiday Hypocrisy

  1. Martin Luther King was a Communist. I don’t celebrate his day. I celebrate Robert E. Lee’s birthday on this day. Martin Luther King, really?! I would say it’s a very apt day for Obama’s day of lies.

  2. ever wonder why we don’t have a malcolm x day?
    “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

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