Mass production of graphene, MIT develops process to make unlimited high quality graphene

Published on Apr 19, 2018

Researchers at MIT have developed a method to produce high quality graphene at a commercial scale. Their graphene production technique which employs CVD or chemical vapor deposition can produce unlimited rolls of graphene. Their graphene production process is still basically a stadard CVD reactor but stretched out and fed with a conveyor belt. This graphene production method is still graphene production from methane and hydrogen but is just more like an assembly line than a single batch. This method was able to produce high quality graphene membrans with no defects. This graphene can be used for everything that scientists believe it can do. This graphene membrane is so perfect it can be used as a filter for purification! Large scale graphene production of this quality will change the world by making graphene commercially viable. This graphene technology 2018 will allow for a reduction in price for graphene and make graphene batteries, graphene superconductors, graphene screens and all manner of graphene products available to the public. This new product worked as a graphene sieve and passed the graphene strength test to show it is just as strong as graphene produced with traditional methods. ******************************************************************** SOURCE:…

4 thoughts on “Mass production of graphene, MIT develops process to make unlimited high quality graphene

  1. If this is true, bullet-proof clothing has become a reality.

    Ever notice that all of these new inventions and discoveries happen at M.I. T. ??
    I’ll bet they’re heavily funded by the Pentagon.

    1. Actually, that may not be the case. Graphene is indeed very strong, but it’s been reported to be brittle as well, much like carbon fiber or diamond. So it might not have the best ballistic properties.

      Nevertheless, I’m convinced that eventually civilian weaponry is going to be made obsolete by continuing advances in areas such as armor. That’s how the 2nd Amendment is going to die.

      You’re right that MIT gets a lot of funding from the butchers of the “Defense” Dept. Most scientists at MIT (and elsewhere, for that matter) have zero ethical concerns or awareness about the implications of their research. They only care about funding and prestige.

      1. The personal armaments and defenses advancement progression is a curve that usually meets a few times (intersects) along the way.

        As one advances the other strives to nullify said advantages. Look at advances in handheld weapons and personal defenses from 800 into the 17th c.

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