Massive explosion at port shakes city of Tianjin in China

Published on Aug 12, 2015 by Live Leak

The Chinese city of Tianjin has been rocked by a massive explosion at a container port.

The blast, which happened late on Wednesday night, happened at the port where highly-flammable material was being stored, CCTV News reports.

13 thoughts on “Massive explosion at port shakes city of Tianjin in China

  1. Kind of like the PEPCON explosion here in Nevada in 1988. I was close to downtown when it happened and the store I was in front of lost one of their big windows from the blast. I was about 15 miles away.

  2. gasoline storage center. A ship blew up first then warehouses. Fireman are dead 60 fire trucks on scene called for more equipment. Apartments and homes burning over 300 injured going to hospitals.

    CCTV America had some live video on the fire earlier.


  3. Supposedly another chemical plant exploded. At least that’s the word I’m getting from people I know in China and what they heard from CCTV news. Of course CCTV news in China is like listening to FOX or CNN in America. Nothing but lies. So who knows.

    Usually when they say “a chemical plant exploded”, it is the Chinese government’s universal way of covering up something.

    1. Thank you, NC. Good to have an input from a reliable third source. I know you’ve lived there and some may not know that!

    2. Well, I guess it wasn’t a “chemical plant” but it was a chemical explosion in a warehouse just as the news and MarkW are reporting.

      Between chemical plants and warehouses exploding as well as half-assed buildings, escalators and elevators falling and killing people, China is falling apart on its own real fast lately.

      See here:

      and here:

      So sad.

  4. Im gonna go out on a limb here and say this was no industrial accident

    this could have been a terrorist ht on that port

    reports have been published that the explosion occurred within shipping containers , not inside a ware house , at least for the origin of the disaster .. i speculate it was a bomb inside a container , and they will keep telling us it was an industrial accident .. its a Lie

    no one stores two volatile chemicals in the same shipping container and they just happen to come in contact with each other , sorry not buying it .. this was a bombing JM2 cents

    1. Some ‘yiddish’ lightning?, Maybe?

      China dumping US treasuries (much in july), heavily devalues currency (just a few days ago), beginning a decoupling in earnest (china and russia announce decoupling) from the USD and kaboom…

      Coincidence? Nope, probably opening salvos of grey terror starting trade/currency wars…and soon to be world war.

      All brought to us by the conniving ‘jews’, their bankster minions, and their gullible goyfriends.


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