Mayorkas Flew to the Darien, the San Vicente Camp (aka China Camp) to Give them a “Fistful of Money to Increase the Size of the Camps”

By MJTruthUltra

ALSO, Why was the man in Charge of US Border Security, Mayorkas, a Board Member of HIAS? —- one of the Main NGO’s Responsible for the US Invasion

• IOM, HIAS, and Catholic charities are all NGO/NPO’s who are directly responsible for the invasion into the US


• HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) is a Jewish American NGO Spread Across the US, Assisting Illegals Resettle into the United States

Isn’t it kind of odd that same Cuban born immigrant in charge of border security to stop illegals was on the Board of an organization that literally helps illegals resettle into the US?

The locations of all these HIAS Jewish Service Agencies closely overlap where illegal immigrants live and democrats vote.

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