19 thoughts on “Merry Christmas From the Trenches!

    1. Don’t begrudge us our heathen Christmas activities. Jesus turned water into wine and it is my opinion that if he have had a still, he would have made brandy out of it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. And he would have filled his bong with it. Have a great day Shivley family, may the best of what life has to offer gift your day, my best to mom.

        I can smell the ham from here, damn….

        BTW everybody, that’s a picture of Mt. Hood, another awesome free shot of beautiful Oregon.

        1. That is actually Mount McLoughlin. The picture was taken from Hagelstein Mountain, you know the big one on your left when we are driving to Klamath on Highway 97.
          And by the way, how did you know we are having ham? Can you really smell that far? 🙂
          Merry Christmas!

          1. Wow, that looks just like Mt. HOOD, MY BAD, THX. I gotta lay off that egg nogg.

            I took a wild guess on the ham. 🙂 no, actually you told me last week when I asked you what you were having for dinner on Christmas. LOL

            Merry Christmas as well. 🙂

      2. BAM!!! and did you know brandy is recommended by some to be an emergency intervention when someone is experiencing a stroke!? I myself would probably use cayenne….ok merry Christmas to all….back to my reseach…. love you Henry and Laura…hugs to mom….very important in healing…LOVING TOUCH!!! hold hands and share the energy!! one of the reasons why ( I witnessed) the attempt to remove RNs from the bedside…oh boy howdy I could write a book………..

  1. I love Christmas. …

    In fact me and Jesus are smoking a bowel.

    Fkng spellchecker. .. thatz Bowl.

    The thing I love about Christmas. ..is…

    It always reminds me to check on all the celebrities that died this year.

    Confucius say….

    It is better to be not famous and alive.

    Then to be famous and dead.

  2. Merry Christmas….Thank you Henry and Laura for that beautiful photograph of Mount McLoughlin and for being a blessing in our lives. Blessings to Henry,Laura and Family and to all the Trencher Family.

  3. Merry Christmas as best as everyone can, hope a box of ammo made into everyone’s stocking this year…!!
    God bless this online tavern and all the trenchers..!!

    Thanks to Henry and Laura we have an understanding of what we are really celebrating.


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