Michael Moore owns 9 homes, but hates money

Breitbart – by John Nolte

According to the Detroit News, anti-capitalism “everyman” filmmaker Michael Moore owns 9 homes. On top of a $2 million, 10,000 square foot lakefront mansion in Torch Lake, Michigan, there is a Manhattan condo that was once 3 condos, and 7 other properties. Moore’s secret role as a land baron was revealed in divorce papers:

The filmmaker, 60, who split his time between a home here and one in New York, is leaving his wife of 22 years, Kathy Glynn.  

His hit movies and best-selling books have begat a lifestyle far from most ballcap-wearing, duck-waddling denizens of Flint.

Moore and Glynn own nine properties in Michigan and New York, including a Manhattan condo that once was three apartments. CelebrityNetWorth.com pegs their wealth at $50 million.

In legal pleadings, Moore blames his wife for the expansion of the 10,000-square-foot home on Torch Lake, which has a value of $2 million.

Since his 1989 “Roger and Me,” Michael Moore has earned upwards of $50 million trashing capitalism.

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4 thoughts on “Michael Moore owns 9 homes, but hates money

  1. Of course Michael Moore owns 9 homes. As part of his weight loss pledge he vowed to eat only what foods are in his refrigerator …..now his has 9 of them.

  2. The thing about a piece of OLD dog crap is that eventually dries up and blows away. Or someone steps on it and smashes it, then having to scrape it off their shoe and dispose of it in the trash.

    I haven’t been here the last few days so happy anniversary Henry and Laura.

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