Michelle Obama has nearly 2 million fake Twitter followers

The DC Caller – by Josh Peterson

Nearly 2 million of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Twitter followers are not real.

According to the Twitter analytics application Status People, 37 percent of Michelle Obama’s 5,290, 506 Twitter followers — or approximately 1,957,487 followers — are considered fake. Thirty-five percent of her followers are inactive, and 28 percent are considered “good,” or real.  

Michelle Obama’s account is run by Organizing for Action, and sent its last Tweet on March 4. It was a retweet of a message sent by the Twitter account of the First Lady’s Let’s Move initiative.

The official Twitter account for the Office of the First Lady is @FLOTUS. Only 25 percent of the account’s 513,026 followers are considered fake. 38 percent are inactive, and 37 percent are considered “good.”

Percentage-wise, she still fared better than President Barack Obama. Over half of Obama’s Twitter followers, according to a Sept. 20 Daily Caller report, are fake – 55 percent, or 20.2 million out of 36.8 million followers, to be more exact.

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7 thoughts on “Michelle Obama has nearly 2 million fake Twitter followers

  1. Wow and I thought I had a lot of imaginary friends. This takes child’s play to an all new level.

    I mean come on, Michelle. We know that if you have two or three imaginary friends, it’s OK. But when you have 2 million imaginary friends, I think it’s long overdue that We the people grab a stray jacket and put you in the cuckoo’s nest, if you know what I mean.


  2. But all her twitter followers vote and live in the same vacant lot. BTW that security question requiring math is racist.

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