Minimum wage increase forces Chandler restaurant to close

Raising the minimum wage only increases operating costs thus raising the prices of goods and services. Until taxation and regulation burdens are lessened or negated the only effects raising the minimum wage will have is slowly destroying the dollar and making life harder for the working class.

Fox 10 News

– A Chandler restaurant says the minimum wage increase in Arizona is forcing them to close their doors for good.  

A sign posted to the door of the Native Grill & Wings near Alma School and Queen Creek Roads says the restaurant is closing “due to the rising cost of business and the minimum wage increase.”

The signs reads: “Due to the rising cost of business and the minimum wage increase, with our deepest regrets, we are going to be forced to close our doors. Sat. July 1st will be out last open day. We would like to thank all of the customers and our faithful regulars that have supported us and allowed us to keep our doors open thus far. Please join us on July 1st to say goodbye to our staff and the environment you all have helped us create.”

The minimum wage increase, or Proposition 206, was passed by Arizona voters in November of 2016 and raised the minimum wage from $8.25 to $10 an hour in January and to $12 an hour in 2020.

5 thoughts on “Minimum wage increase forces Chandler restaurant to close

    1. Would you clarify who “they” are and post a link? I just used this article as a data point to express the true effects of minimum wage hikes.

      If anyone would like to debate my point directly I welcome it.

  1. There is no need to close down, when its not difficult to automate everything now. Unemployment will eventually get worse with the rise of 3d printers. Now they are printing cars, houses and some even print food and guns.

    1. We could spend our days growing clean food, educating and entertaining each other if we wanted to, technology is a double edged sword no doubt but if applied properly it would not destroy the marketplace.
      We have a vampire system ever above us eating out our substance, lets experience getting the monkeys off our backs and having a sound dollar, then we can see if technology makes life better or worse.

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