More Americans Turning To God

America’s Religiosity Is Increasing: Gallup m4scymn4f0glpqgynkjpyaBefore It’s News – by Mort Amsel

Gallup publishes in February of each year a survey of the extent of self-described religiosity in each state; and they report that religiosity is rising throughout the country. Gallup headlined this year’s survey on February 3rd, “Mississippi Maintains Hold as Most Religious U.S. State; Vermont is the least religious.” Last year, it was “Mississippi Most Religious State, Vermont Least Religious.” No change there: in fact, the rank-orders of the 50 states (plus D.C.) are almost unchanged during the past 12 months.  

What’s notable is instead that the percentages of people saying that they are “Very religious” have increased in almost every state. For example, whereas last year, 58% of Mississippians said that they were “Very religious,” it’s 61% now. And whereas 19% of Vermonters last year said that they were “Very religious,” it’s 22% now. The median state is Ohio: it’s the 25th-most-religious state this year, just as it, too, was last year (again, no change in rank); and, whereas last year 38% of Ohioans said that they were “Very religious,” that’s now risen to 41%.

I find this fascinating because in the industrialized nations of the world, religiosity is declining, in some places in record numbers.  But not here in the US.  We are doing the opposite of that.  Our religiosity is on par with some orthodox Muslim countries.  And you can’t just blame it on Republicans or southern states, it’s happening in all states.  Is this a miracle or does this reflect the dire state of our nation?

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  1. Recessions are great for religion. People tend to turn to God for help when times are tough. In my area, the big satellite TV churches are booming. They have services 3x on Saturday and 4X on Sunday, not to mention the Wed crowd. People sit in folding chairs and watch the big screen entertainment, then the plate gets passed around. They even had a Superbowl special and it packed the house. 501C baby!

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