More Deadly Than War: The Communist Revolution in America

Published on Nov 19, 2012 by LibertyInOurTime

This address by G. Edward Griffin, given in 1969, is as current as today’s headlines. Mr. Griffin shows that the Leninist strategy for conquest involves two kinds of revolution. One is violent. The other is non-violent. While most people think only of violent revolution, the non-violent phase is where most of the action has been in the United States.

Leninists call it the “Proletarian Revolution” and involves the gradual transition to Marxism (which is merely one form of collectivism) by use of the ballot box. Control is achieved through economic pressures rather than guns and executions.

Learn how today’s Leninists utilize mass-membership organizations (i.e. Occupy Wall Street), politicians, and parliamentary process to brings about totalitarianism with little opposition from those who are being subjugated.

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