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I wrote previously on the threat from ‘HIT Teams’ initially in the post ‘The Home Invasion Dilemma – Discussion & Scenarios‘ and then the follow up post ‘Solutions – Follow Up to The Home Invasion Dilemma‘.  Those posts were over at the old blog site but have been copied to this one. Links in those posts may take you back to the old blog.

In the comment section on my recent post ‘Sailing Away – Comment’ Matt Bracken added a comment that made me want to revisit the whole home invasion team (HIT)/ SWAT attack thing. This is added to the fact that I am currently reading Matt’s book ‘Enemies Foreign and Domestic’ and that has a bit of SWAT action from the bad guys in the story. Great book. Here is part of Matt’s comment:  

“OTOH, many will decide to turn their home into a one-family Alamo, in which case you will be awakened by flash-bangs and ten thousand Lumens of light on the end of a dozen M-4s. Good luck taking out the SWAT team, from your back, from deep sleep! And if you manage to detect the SWAT team first, they will just fire in Pyro until you and your family and your house are just ashes.”


It highlights one of the essential problems we face in our current situation of soft tyranny, punctuated by the occasional flash of violence. We are already three quarters of the way through the collapse, we are already on the way to SHTF. Tyranny is already here. You won’t wake up tomorrow and see zombies outside – not that, with people the way they are, you would even notice a difference anyway! Zombie apocalypse? It’s just rush hour….!

When we hit the cliff, when the EBT’s start flashing up empty, when the power goes out, then you will know it is the zombie apocalypse, but until then we have the Regime forcing us along this current path towards statist tyranny.

Compliance with an illegitimate Regime is accomplished through violence. Actual violence or the threat of violence. A monopoly of violence (force if you like) is required by the state. That is  why you pay taxes, and stop at stop signs. Increasingly, the veneer of civility is coming off, with more and more people getting shot for no real reason, other than that they “failed to obey orders”. This is why the Founders insisted on an armed citizenry, in order to be able to fend off tyranny. This is why the statist tyrannists will do anything to disarm the citizenry. It’s not “for the children”; it’s for power. The SWAT raids and the shootings at traffic stops, etc.,  are simply the flashes of violence to encourage the rest of the masses to comply.

And that is the genius of the soft tyranny. It is advanced at such a slow and inexorable pace, that no-one is ever pushed out of their comfort zone enough to resist. Tie that in with ongoing indoctrination and psyop and liberty is toast. Anyone that uses violence is simply helping the tyrannists with their anti-gun extremist psyop.

So, we don’t live in a free country. And it’s not the zombie apocalypse (yet). We are in the twilight zone. Question it and the IRS will audit you. They will send a SWAT team to make sure you comply.

The things that keep us under the tyranny are multiple. Legion. How about:

  • Comfort.
  • Cowardice.
  • Lack of team – isolation.
  • Realities of making ends meet.

And as Matt says in his quote, if the HIT are out there in a stack, you don’t stand a chance. You stand a chance of dying. You stand a chance of your family dying. If they are out there right now, I’m toast. If they come at 0300, there is no one on sentry. If you are surrounded in your house, it is too late. Its not even a matter of how good the SWAT team is. In fact, it’s the incompetence of most of them that is a danger. I would far rather be raided by a Tier 1 team, if they were coming to arrest, than a goon squad. The danger with the low speed goon squad is their lack of training, fear, and lack of fire discipline. There is a real  danger of everyone getting killed.

I am not writing this to tell you to give up. Quite the opposite. I want people to wake up to the tyranny, and also to the threat posed by these teams while we all try and get on with our normal lives in our normal houses. No doubt there will be comments, about how the commenter has this house and it is so well defended, with early warning systems, hardened entry,  and all that. Does it matter? If they want you they will surround you till they get you, or burn you out.

And for the so called ‘law and order conservatives’ and the LEO’s that will read this and send me hate mail: Really? We all know SWAT teams are needed for violent criminals. They should not be used for political purposes to arrest or assassinate so-called pretend terrorists/extremists to further the tyrannical agenda of the regime. So what I am discussing here is not raids to arrest drug lords, but politically motivated raids on ‘tea baggers’ and such. You know what I am talking about. Now, STFU.

It is the soft tyranny that is getting you. They can send a SWAT team to your sleeping house. They can stop you in your car on the way to work and cover you with assault rifles pointed at your head, maybe even with your kids in the car on the school run. The presence of your family is a big deterrent to the wannabe martyrs.

What I am aiming at is this: take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Being in your house with your family is no defense against a statist SWAT raid. So there are a couple of ways to go. While we are on the slide, then it is up to community action to make these SWAT raids unacceptable. You know, actual non-violent politics at the grass roots. I doubt that will deter the agenda of the regime tyrannists. If it doesn’t. then the only way to protect yourselves is to not be at home when they forget to knock.

What do I mean by that? I mean move out of the comfort zone, get in a group and move to a hidden defended location. Somewhere with land and woods that you can patrol and defend. Not a compound where the feds can roll up and burn it down. That is moving into a tactical discussion on defense, which is not part of this post, and clearly such a place needs to be low profile or it will immediately be targeted as belonging to an extremist group. Suffice to say, anyone that learns basic light infantry tactics, including patrolling, such as taught on my tactical classes, knows that they can run rings around a SWAT-trained team out in the boonies.

But who will do that now? Before the zombie apocalypse? Not many. Not me. I have to pay the rent. Don’t we all. So, we face the essential problem on our slide of soft tyranny towards the abyss – knowing what the tipping point is, the line in the sand – if the collapse is not suddenly obvious when we wake up. Because liberty already collapsed and we still think we are waiting for the collapse to come, for the SHTF. Because if we don’t stand up in our day to day current lives and non-violently challenge tyranny in all its guises, then we are headed towards Regime violence and the time will surely come when we have to fight for not just liberty, but our lives.

Chest thump all you want about your cold dead hands, because if they come for you tonight, and you grab that weapon, you will die, and maybe your family also. Because at that point it’s TOO LATE. Even if you fight them off on your perimeter, they will never give up, and they will snipe and burn you out until they win.

So what is the solution, other than moving out to the already mentioned defensive base in the woods, more suited to a full collapse or civil war situation?


Community defense.

I know, I know. It’s almost impossible. Like herding cats. Finding true trustworthy reliable people is the real challenge. But perhaps, as more wake up, it will be possible.

So really, what will actually happen is not much. Some of us will be raided and killed. We will slide down the road of soft bureaucratic tyranny, the soft tapping on the keyboards the sound of the nails in the coffin of liberty. Then one day, maybe the day will come when it goes overt. That will happen if there is an actual collapse event, such as grid down. Then it will be a come as you are party, and FreeFor will be massively disadvantaged.


It’s not that I want to give you doom and gloom, defeatism; it’s that I want to give you a dose of reality. I want you to train, and prepare,  and make networks.  I want you to have your neighborhood, or farm, of woodland retreat, ready for when they come without warrant, without due cause, without justice under the color of law. For when they come for you for politics, or racism, or to further a tyrannic agenda by a power hungry elite.

Then, I want to see overlapping and interlocking sectors of fire, from mutually supporting defensive positions sited in depth.

Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival

Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises

Live Hard.

Die Free.


6 thoughts on “More on the SWAT Threat

  1. The problem is that we all do have to pay the bills. I would be in a defensive location tomorrow if I could finacially make that happen, but I cant. I, like many others hope that I will have enough warning to get me and my family out. Will that happen? I dont have a clue, but it is all that I have currently. I have tried meeting like minded folks and forming a team, but it always ends the same way. Either they have a “third eye” or they are not even close to being able to feed and defend their family. I have accepted the fact that I am on my own right now in defending my family. I have done all the right things, I can feed my family for a long time, we can grow our own food, we can defend our home from gangs and can go offensive if needed, but as far as fighting the teams when they come, Max is correct, it aint gonna end well.
    Until such a time as I can form a group, I will need to be glued to the net watching and waiting for my opportunity to un-ass the A.O. ahead of the complete decent into tyranny.
    In some ways, soft tyranny is worse than full on tyranny. At least you can fight full tyranny.

  2. I’m sick to the moon with all this abuse.
    A fight is brewing but they’ll lose. They’re too heavily outnumbered.

    Some of the ex-military may ambush SWAT and have this be coordinated in multiple places around the country. Battle of athens writ large.

    They need to be afraid of us…we need not fear them.


  3. I do believe the cops and sheriffs that are involved in the tyranny know exactly what they are doing for the most part.There are ones that have actually came out and said they would not enforce these unconstitutional laws but they are a vast MINORITY.Most have sold out for the power and the toys they are being given for being a team player for the trash at the top. It is us and them and to think otherwise you are simply not accepting the reality that is going to eventually kill you. A tyrannical cop is a tyrannical cop and pretending otherwise it what many have chosen to do.Those of us that do see the writing on the walls ,might I add ,every where we look ,are not liked one bit by TPTB! Just remember a Brown shirt in a LEO’s uniform is still a Brown shirt,and then there was that episode the night of the long knives!

  4. Trying to get a Neighborhood group together is difficult as hell, 2/3rds of the people that claim to be awake are not, and they don’t necessarily see a “threat” if its not directly aimed at them.

    Folks like us here at the Trenches are few, We know the day of redress of grievances and soapboxes are over with. This situation will only be corrected with the Liberty Tree. But far too many folks still think they can work within the system to effect change.
    We are slowly dying by “death of a thousand cuts”. Its now at the point where our fight, or die,…is going to be one confrontation at a time.. one DUI traffic check at a time…one “NO KNOCK” at a time until critical mass has happened. Many of us who are awake will be taken out piecemeal.

    Ima go on a limb here but I feel Liberty is every mans responsibility . It ain’t up to somebody else to secure your “right” for you. You gotta do it…. And if that means carrying a clean piece to end a traffic stop or whatever..then so be it. Get yer hearts and minds ready because they gonna come at one or a couple of us at a time….
    I don’t advocate illicit violence……but then again I didn’t start this shit…they did.

    1. Amen, oldvet.
      I will resist these communists to my death. I would just hope and pray that I can be around long enough to actually do something to help the resistance. I dont want to be the victim of the SWAT teams middle of the night games and end up a blip on the nightly news.

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