My opinion on the Lafayette Shooting and other crap going on around the world.

Most of you know who I am here at FTT. Some don’t. For the record, I am not a troll, shill, government op, mossad agent, etc. I am a Patriot and free thinker. I do my own research and don’t toe anyone’s line.

I have watched the numerous false flags and real events over the years. Some were obviously government ops. Some were a little harder to explain. When one hits your town, you pay a little more attention to it.  

I think that if you do not believe that there are evil SOBs out there, you are setting yourselves up for a fall. There are people in our movement and people in the communist, or whatever they are this week’s movement that want to kill. They believe that there message will be heard if they conduct violence. Everything isn’t a government op though.

Let’s discuss the ISIS problem. Where they created by the government? I believe that they were. Have they actually gone off of the reservation and are out of control? I believe that they have. The fact that the government created them doesn’t make them not a threat here at home. They want you dead. I was in Iraq in 2003-2004. I know what these people think. Their Quran is absolute to them. It calls for them to lie, cheat, steal and kill for their fake god. To believe that they are not here in America is to set yourself up for failure. We have many enemies. They all either want us dead or want us to submit. I watch all of them. Not just the ones that are currently ruling our country.

The Iranian problem. Should we bomb them? NO!! Are they a threat? Absolutely! They were sneaking into Iraq while I was there and assisting in the killing of US! They do want a nuke and are dumb enough to use it. They are not a peace loving country that only wants to coexist. Anyone who thinks that we should be their friends is fooling themselves and setting themselves up for failure. I trust Iran just like I trust our government.

The illegal felon invaders are another problem. Yes they are here. I see them every day. The gangs are coming across and do want to take over what they think is their lands. Is our government allowing it? Of course they are. It doesn’t change the fact that they are here. The same as the Islamic freaks are here.

Are there American people in this country that are hell bent on destroying us for their personal beliefs? Most definitely yes. They are believers in many different things. Gangbangers who hate white people, racist white boys who hate everything that isn’t them, religious freaks who believe that their version of the bible is the only one, Hardcore commies that think Patriotic Constitutional people are their enemies. Those people have always and will always do violence when given the opportunity.

Are there people in our government that will do everything in their power to destroy this country? Of course. We have all seen it. We know what happen on 9/11. We know what happened at Sandy Hook. They have been doing it for years.

This guy who did the shooting here locally was a troubled person. He destroyed his home in Alabama because it was being foreclosed on. He filled the pipes with cement, spray painted every wall and disconnected the gas line to attempt to blow it up when they turned the gas back on. He had a beef with his town over losing his liquor license for selling to minors. He attempted arson about ten years ago. His wife tried to have him committed for being violent to them. All of this was from the timeframe of the 80s to late 2000s. He sympathized with the freaks at Westboro BC. He tried to get into the Patriot movement via the “tea party”. I believe that he wanted to hurt people because he feels disenfranchised.

Now the real question. Did he plan and do the killings by himself or was he assisted by “someone”. I have been watching these things lately. At least the last three shootings were conducted with legally purchased firearms by people that the government usually denies a purchase to. Is the government allowing certain individuals to purchase a firearm with the hope that they will kill and assist the PTB in taking our Second Amendment rights? That could very well be. They do not care who dies if it furthers their agenda.

There are always going to be false flags and there are always going to be real shootings. Every weekend in Chicago there are numerous mass shootings that are not government ops. We have several shootings a week in Lafayette. Last night there were two murders here by gangbangers. Try to look at these shootings with an open mind and take the facts from the fiction and form YOUR opinion. Don’t automatically jump to conclusions. Because there are so many false flags, I really looked into this one for my own reasons.

If you disagree with me, give me reasons. If I disagree with you I will give my reasons.

One thing that I know. These shootings will be used against us in every way that the PTB can use them. They are already writing the expanded background check laws. If enough of these things happen, idiotic Americans will be begging for gun registration, etc.

Get ready Y’all, it’s Coming!!!


24 thoughts on “My opinion on the Lafayette Shooting and other crap going on around the world.

  1. Right on Bulldog, its mind boggling to watch the crap going on, like watching a train wreck in dlow motion, every other day theres something,
    The destruction of our way of life comes from all sides, and there are those supposedly on our side who stir the disinformation pot like theres no tomorrow, if they all keep it up there may not be,
    It is a damn shame we sre in this position, wake me up when we get to the station.

  2. Hey Bulldog. good to see you here. I agree with your article. Keep on keeping on brother. Tell your lady I said hi. God bless you both.

  3. Thanks for this, Bulldog. It has struck me that this is a war of Truth more than anything. And also I have observed that we have to be on guard against the manipulators and the deceivers. One theme that comes up frequently is “haters” these days — awful lot of hating going on. And I think that is by design, and a sign of the ramping up of the manipulation. I see this hatred in the deceivers themselves, as well as the ones who are deceived. It is this terrible emotion that leads some people to do terrible things while thinking they are doing good. But I also think there are a lot of people who see this clearly for what it is and are not being dragged down in it. These are astonishing times to be living in, to witness all this.

  4. Good to hear from you again Bulldog, it’s been awhile. I believe you have hit the nail on the head as they say. I agree with you about what you said. Hope all is well with you and family.

  5. Agreed..however my position is that I am tired of sorting through the trash and prefer a scorched earth approach to the whole mess. Burn down the whole sh#thouse and rebuild. If it smells like ….. consider it …. and flush it. Tired of looking for boogeymen around the corners …just cut out the corners. We are going to be put in permanent chains while we are busy separating the paper from the plastic. If we Americans don’t start taking out the trash wholesale, we lose…it’s that simple. Trash is trash…govt sponsored, wing nuts, commies…it’s all trash.

  6. Hi, Bulldog. How have you been?

    Excellent article, and it does ring true. As things get crazier, there will be more violence, as more people will be pushed to their tolerance limit.

    As of right now, I have no personal knowledge of any mass shooting that wasn’t a government operation, but I do expect that to change.

    ” Every weekend in Chicago there are numerous mass shootings that are not government ops.”
    Are these mass shootings, as in one person killing a lot of people, or are they many separate shootings? We’d usually see a mass shooting reported in the news, because they wouldn’t miss an opportunity to further their agenda that way, but I haven’t read anything about this happening in Chicago.

    The guy who did the shooting near you sounds to me like he was pushed to the brink, and lost everything. If his wife tried to have him committed for domestic violence, it’s possible that he’s only free because because he agreed to seek psychiatric help, which would come in the form of a psychoactive drug. All it would take to bring this man to violence would be to switch ONE of his anti-depressants for a placebo, and on the day he took the fake pill, he’d be in a mindset to kill anyone he saw.

    A “government operation” doesn’t always have to follow the same mold we’re used to, and it doesn’t always need back-up shooters ad patsies unless they’ve planned it for a specific time and place. This guy could have been turned into a mass murderer by anyone with access to his pill bottle. That’s not proof that it was a government operation, but if he was on SSRI drugs, (which is likely in his case) any evidence of a government operation would be impossible to find.

  7. “The Iranian problem. Should we bomb them? NO!! Are they a threat? Absolutely! They were sneaking into Iraq while I was there and assisting in the killing of US! They do want a nuke and are dumb enough to use it. They are not a peace loving country that only wants to coexist. Anyone who thinks that we should be their friends is fooling themselves and setting themselves up for failure. I trust Iran just like I trust our government.”

    Absolutely disagree!

    Iran is NOT the aggressor! They haven’t attacked another country in over 200 YEARS!!! The jews have been claiming that the Iranians are only MONTHS AWAY from building a nuke for the LAST 30 F%&KING YEARS!!!!! Nothing but JEW LIES & PROPAGANDA!!!!!

    I have much respect for you, Bulldog, but the Muslims would not be a problem if the stinking JEWS weren’t instigating the terrorism to begin with. MOSSAD & THE CIA ARE THE TOP TERRORIST GROUPS IN THE WORLD TODAY! PERIOD!!!

    The scumbag, sleazeball Zionist AshkeNAZI jews are THE main source of terrorism in the world today, yet there isn’t even one single mention of these parasites in your article.

    1. That’s like sitting at a table in the Middle East saying “Something stinks around here” with a big “dog pile” underneath the table. Let’s ignore that big pile of s*#t and blame Iran!

    2. #1,
      I understand where you are coming from. However, lets talk about Iran Iraq. Iran has always wanted Iraq. They fought for 8 years in the 80s. Hell, they really never stopped fighting at the border. It is still heavily mined. I know, I was there and ran one over. They want their oil and rivers. They currently are “helping” Iraq with their ISIS problem. Do you really think that Iran is going to give Iraq back the property that they have “liberated” from ISIS? THe middle east is full of idiots. THey all want to own the guy next to them. I understand the Israel problem. I am not supporting them, I am just not gonna believe that Iran has my best interests at heart. A muslim is a muslim in my opinion. I am sure that they feel the same way about me, but oh well. I have to take care of mine.
      Love ya like a brother from another mother #1. It doesnt matter really about Iran. If they come here, I will hunt them. If they dont, I wont.

      1. No disrespect intended, Bulldog, but you know I’ve always been one to call a spade a spade. The bottom line is that the Muslims mostly hate the jews (who hate EVERYONE), but also hate the U.S. so-called ‘government’ for being the puppet military of Israhell. If the military hadn’t INVADED those M.E. countries (at the behest of the stinking jew bast@rds), and MURDERED millions over a LIE (9/11) then the rest of the Muslim world would have virtually no problem with America.

        We need to focus on the the TRUE enemy of freedom in this conflict. There can be absolutely no question who that is at this point. The Muslims understand this all too well. FAR better, unfortunately, than the majority of stupid sheeple in this country (thanks to t.v. ‘programming’).

        “War by Deception” is Mossad’s motto. The jews have ALWAYS pitted race against race, country against country, religion against religion, etc., then reaped the benefits in the aftermath.

        If these cockroaches were completely exterminated, at least 80% of the world’s problems would disappear overnight, imo.

  8. Bulldog, iran doesn’t have your best interest in mind, nor is it their responsibility to do so. You were SENT THERE by the very people who undermined irans best interests, not the other way around. Saddam was put into iraq to fight iran in accordance with the oded yinon plan, just as AL queda, isis and others were created for the same purpose. America has fought war after war for israel and you’re disgruntled at muslims who shot back? What would you do if it were here? As far as your opinion of a Muslim is a muslim, you are entitled to it by all right. But can you show me verses in the Quran to your claim that it permits muslims to lie steal cheat and murder? It’s just not true. Thank you #1 NO HATER for also pointing out how there was no mention of Israel in all this. Despite all other parties mentioned, no mention of israel. The #1 terrorist state and sponsor of terrorism. Who did 9/11? 19 hijackers? If you believe that I’ve got a bridge to sell ya’.

    1. jamal, et al,
      We all have our views on everything. Regardless of who made who or it would be this way if we didnt_______, they do want you and me dead. Damn straight I would do what they did if invaded. What is done is done. Its a tough row to hoe knowing now what I didnt know then. It matters not to me at this point what we could have or should have done. Israel may be the instigator and our so called government may be a pawn, but muslims hate you none the less. Their hate for anything non-muslim goes back way before saddam the puppet. When they come to your town, will you try to explain that we can coexist or will you hunt them? That is the 60,000 dollar question. I know what I will do. I will do the same to any enemy that tries me.

      al-Taqiyya ring any bells?????
      You can read the quran for yourself and decide if they want you dead. And by the way, FYI, the catholic church started islam a long time ago.

        1. Thanks Angel good to hear from everyone here!
          I stand by my words though.
          Jamal can say Patriot all day but I know them. Sorry can’t buy the hype. Been there done that! Friends died believing the hype!
          Like I said I am a free thinker And do my own research and have lived my tribulations. I believe what I believe because of things I have seen and lived through. That will never change. I have sat for dinner with Muslims. I have spoken to Muslims that I thought were friends. They all said the same to me. When it comes down to it Islam is first above all else.
          Like I said. If they don’t come here to do harm I will do nothing. If they do i will defend what is mine.
          To Jamal, I welcome an honest discussion if you can handle that.

          1. bulldog, not only can i handle that, i would love that. you too can say whatever you like. you can think its just hype when i say it if you want. im sorry you lost friends and sat with muslims you say just gave you hype. let me tell you again, you were sent there not the other way around. dont tell me what i really am because you lost friends. im willing to bet people in that land you were sent to lost a lot more than their friends. al taqiyya means a covering or concealment. not lying, cheating or murdering. it was recommended for those who feared persecution. you have no knowledge of islam apart from what your told by people who hate islam. do you know the difference between an arab, american, christian or muslim? they are not all the same. do you know the difference between a patriot and nationalist? they too are not the same. i really dont care if you like muslims or point was that you are mistaken about islam, a religion you know nothing about. i am a patriot, and i do believe in the bill of rights as the law, because for those who dont know, it coincides perfectly with my faith. so bulldog, you have accused me of just hype and want a honest discussion. i accept.

    2. Is-ra-hell has hundreds of nukes and is a 1000 times more dangerous than Iran. Israel are INSANE MURDERERS!.
      Jamal seems to have a better grip on things than Bulldog.

  9. Yeah I don’t get it. No mention of jews or isreal??? They are at the center of all that is evil. They are the world government we strongly oppose. By now if you don’t recognize that it’s the joos? You are either naive or blind. It’s the joos. Always has been, always will be. Jamal should be making posts here!

    1. What would you all say if an Jew came on here and claimed to be a Patriot? Would you welcome him with open arms? Or would you run him off.
      I havent commented on FTT in almost a year. I would never try to tell yall how to think or who to welcome here. It is Henry’s website, not mine.
      I have my view point based on my experiences. It will never change.
      It was said in an above comment that our problems would go away if the jews were gone. Do yall really think that ISIS will quit beheading Christians, raping their women, destroying our Holy sites in Syria and Iraq if the Jews were gone? Are you that naive? Do you really believe that the muslims that have invaded Europe and are raping women in Norway and Sweden will quit and allow European women to walk safely down the streets without fear? What about the muslims in England? Will they quit claiming that they own England now?
      Jamal, you may be a Patriot. I do not know you and will not try to bash you personally. It is not my place to do that. The facts are there for anyone to see. Everyone can chose to believe what they want. That is what our Constitution and Bill of Rights is there for. That is why we are a Republic. To ensure that no one man can force his views on anyone.
      I read the comments here claiming that all jews are a threat. How can you stereotype all jews but not all muslims or all Christians? It cant be done that way. You say that I am blind for not seeing the jew threat, yet bash me for seeing what I see as a muslim threat. That makes no sense. That is not critical thinking.
      When the shit hits the fan I really hope Jamal steps up. We will see when that time comes.
      Just remember the jews see us as the scourge of the Earth and believe that we are to be as slaves to them. It is written in their holy books. The same is written in the quran, whether it is admitted or not. We are as infidels who are either to be turned to islam or destroyed.

      1. I do not think I am in the right spot here anymore.
        I hope to meet yall in the middle when it all comes down. We all want our Republic back. We just have different views on how that will be achieved.
        Just remember, no matter what if it isnt the Constitution and Bill of Rights, word for word, it isnt how it should be done. EVER! No exceptions.

  10. Bulldog, I’m sorry if this got out of hand. I wouldn’t say every single jew is that way either. It’s in the talmud that’s true, I dont think its in the torah but It is not in the Quran. I’m sorry but it’s not. The quran says “infidels” in regards to the corrupt and ungodly. Not christians or even jews. It regards them as people of the book. The quran also talks about hypocrites. These are not jews and christians but MUSLIMS who are just as corrupt as infidels. Would ISIS stop beheadings if we eliminated all jews, no. The point about ISIS is they are a creation of the zionist powers to do just what they are doing. Why do you think they kill christians and muslims and surround israel, operate in basically every country in the M.E. yet israel goes unmolested? Think about this, they even launched attacks against hamas which shows they clearly are in israeli borders but no attack on israel. Not even against fatah, but hamas? They along with al queda, Jabar al nurse and the rest are direct and deliberate creations, not byproducts. Bulldog, I am a patriot, I’m not your enemy and when the shtf, I hope we all practice what we preach. I hold no animosity or contempt for the way you feel. Obviously something happened that makes you feel that and I’m sorry I can’t change that. But I am not your enemy. Peace.

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