‘Mysterious Phenomena’ off U.S. West Coast

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San Jose Mercury News, Nov. 2, 2014: Rare changes in wind patterns this fall have caused the Pacific Ocean off California and the West Coast to warm to historic levels, drawing in a bizarre menagerie of warm-water species. The mysterious phenomena are surprising fishermen… El Niño isn’t driving this year’s warm-water spike… Nor is climate change… All year [NOAA] scientists… have been forecasting an El Niño… But now the water is only slightly warmer than normal at the equator, leading scientists to declare a mild El Niño is on the way… The ocean changes also have affected birds. As ocean upwelling stalled in the summer, less krill and other food rose from the depths. As a result, several species of birds, including common murres, had high rates of egg failure on the Farallon Islands, 27 miles west of San Francisco.  

Jaime Jahncke, California Current Group director of Point Blue in Petaluma, Nov. 2, 2014: “The krill that is usually present disappeared, and the fish that some of these birds rely on disappeared… Up until July we had an abundance of whales around the Farallons, mostly humpback whales, and some blue whales. And when we went back in September, there was no krill and the whales were nearly absent.”

Zeke Grader, executive director of the Pacific Federation of Fishermen’s Associations in San Francisco, Nov. 2, 2014: “Our guys in Santa Barbara are saying there’s almost nothing down there. Just a lot of warm, clear water, a little bit of salmon and not much else.”

Joe Welsh, associate curator of collecting for the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Nov. 2, 2014: “It is an oddball year… There’s a lot to learn out there.”

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And: Gov’t Scientists: “Something very unusual occurring” off west coast of US, Canada — “Unprecedented in historical record” — “Will dramatically reduce productivity” in 6,500 sq. miles of ocean — Anomaly extends “across Pacific to Japan” — “Who knows what will happen?” (MAP)


7 thoughts on “‘Mysterious Phenomena’ off U.S. West Coast

  1. China has already stop buying northern California’s sea clams…they are riddled with radiation. And the Chinese will eat anything, dogs, cats, rats. How many articles have you read about independent scientist and regular people with geiger counters going to the beach in California and have readings off the charts. If the water is warm and there’s no life in it…..just think how bad it must be with radiation. Our government doesn’t tell us anything. You’re on your own.

  2. The water has been increasing in temperature but only right along the coast. Perhaps the land is heating it or the lack of water runoff isnt cooling those waters enough.

    It is odd how water farther south is cooler than a few spot farther north.

  3. it isn’t just the west coast, the east coast is also experiencing strange phenomenon..

    like here in alabama, this time of year we have black birds like crazy.. these birds eat the berries that are growing on the bushes here and distribute the seeds elsewhere as purple droppings.. well this year we have not had a single one of these birds that usually travel in flocks so big it gets annoying because of all the noise..

    i have also seen maybe one squirrel in the last few days.. seen no chipmunks in months.. no ducks this entire year.. pigeons have also almost disappeared.. might see the occasional bird but they are scarce..

    even bugs are hard to find.. used to when it was dark i would see swarms of bugs flying around the lights on garage, i would not be able to stand or sit under them because i would get them down my shirt.. well i do not even see moths flying around the lights anymore.. the only bug we have plenty of is mosquitoes and flies, other than that there are not any.. it is getting creepy..

  4. “…the only bug we have plenty of is mosquitoes and flies, other than that there are not any.. it is getting creepy.”

    The flies are your canary in the coalmine, so to speak. The fly’s lifespan is short and you will be able to discern the deformities in these insects when each succeeding generation reaches their toxic limits. The same studies would include butterflies and moths. During the early stages of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill (gusher), the Gulf coastal residents noticed the absence of all flying insects; especially after toxic precipitation from the Gulf. It’s in the air, the ground water, and in the food.

    An outdoor cat or dog that becomes infected (E.g. lethargic–no energy, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, loss of hair, open sores or tumors) will provide an early warning that you aren’t far behind.

    The problem in the Pacific is obviously radiation (no brainer). The probable cause in the Gulf and Atlantic is most likely caused from the Corexit that has been being sprayed over the Gulf of Mexico during last several years. Surf fishing off the Outer Banks, NC, which has about 100 miles of sandy coastline, is practically a dead zone. Each year I see fewer and fewer Pelicans and Dolphins feeding on the schools of small species of fish that inhabited these coastal waters up until about 3-years ago. Sad to see this happen but that’s the way it is… and beyond any hope of repair in our lifetime. The microbial organisms in the Oceans are the primary source in the aquatic food chain. The Oceans are also a large source of of our planet’s oxygen, and as essential to life as fresh water. People with respiratory problems will be the first to succumb… so look for TPTB to eventually tax the air we breath.

    1. Man made climate change indeed. Not even close to the way the libtards have spewed it out though.

      Greed & envy always make for the worse.

      Cutting conrers on things nuke plants as well location. Chemtrails, HAARP and so on, no need for me to ‘preech to the choir’…

  5. I am an expert. I have no idea what is going on. I am an expert. That giant firef#@kball from Japan was harmless. I am an expert.

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