NATO War on Russia & Western Roots of ISIL: Ken O’Keefe

Published on Sep 6, 2014 by ravenise005

NATO leaders convene for a summit in the Welsh city of Newport, to discuss a solution to the situation in eastern Ukraine, the growing threat of ISIL, and NATO’s ability to adapt to threats faced by the world today.

Many who question the relevancy of NATO in the 21st century, a post-Soviet era, point to how the alliance has shifted its role from territorial defense to basically power projection in different regions.

Experts say that in today’s era, the threat posed to NATO members is no longer a potential aggression on their territory; rather, it is an attack on their collective interests beyond NATO borders.

Another point of contention is NATO’s ‘open door’ policy, whereby allowing its eastward expansion in Europe in recent years. This expansion isn’t mere membership; it includes deployment of missiles, artillery and military activity that has irked Russia.

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has accused Russia of paying lip service to the establishment of peace in neighboring Ukraine and not taking a “single step” to really materialize it.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Thursday that Ukraine’s possible adhesion to NATO would “derail all efforts aimed at initiating a dialogue with the aim of ensuring national security.”

3 thoughts on “NATO War on Russia & Western Roots of ISIL: Ken O’Keefe

  1. Ken always is heartfelt and many Americans feel that way. People like this zionist trash he is debating are easily destroyed. The evil they spew is very apparent. Ken owned this one as he has been doing for a while now and watching this made my Sunday night. Thanks for the post!

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