Navy Yard Shooting: Victim Photo Posted by PR Guy Working for Gun Grabbing Congressman

American Everyman – by Scott Creighton

Images posted by a spin doctor who works for a gun control supporting congressman, turned up almost immediately on every MSM outlet during the Navy Yard mass casualty event.

According to the new story from BuzzFeed, cops moved him from the scene at the Navy Yard and dumped a victim on the side of the road. 

But that’s not the entire story…. apparently they dumped him right in front of a staffer for that fore mentioned gun control supporting congressman, who snapped the pics and got them to his spin doctor boss who got them on Twitter just in time for them to be splattered across the airwaves during the show.

And oh yeah, victim died on route to the hospital after lying around in the gutter waiting for his close-up.

And oh yeah, the gun-grabbing congressman is a member of the Homeland Security Committee and a big supporter of the Fusion Centers and the domestic intelligence/military complex.

Here’s the story. I don’t make up the news, I just report it.

During a mass casualty event in which someone thought it was a good idea to announce the location of their snipers by lowering them onto rooftops by helicopter for all to see including the shooter AND the press (rather than having them simply go up the stairs stealthily), the same mass casualty event during which a tactical team was sent away from the scene while the shooting was still taking place, a police car whisked up to a busy street corner and dumped a guy onto the sidewalk who had reportedly been shot in the head during that same mass casualty event. The officer, it is said, claimed he “couldn’t go any further” and so he dumped him on the side of the road, literally, on the corner of New Jersey and M street.

As it turns out there just HAPPENED to be a staffer (Don Andres) for some congress critter, Rep. Steven Horsford of Nevada, who took pictures of the guy on the side of the road and sent them to his boss, Tim Hogan, a PR GUY working for Horsford.

Then it just HAPPENED that the spin doctor Tweeted those photos and it just HAPPENED that EVERY SINGLE MAJOR PRESS OUTLET grabbed the photos off his Twitter account and used them IMMEDIATELY in their press and TV stories about the mass casualty event.

You with me so far?

Turns out, it just HAPPENS that this Representative is on the U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security.

Horsford also supports a nationwide enhanced background check for gun purchasing. This is about as far as he can go in terms of gun control considering the vast majority of his constituents understand and support the Second Amendment.

Of course the Aaron Alexis story, shaping up as it is, blends perfectly into such a call to arms (so to speak) for legislators pushing such a over-reach.

The Alexis narrative seems tailor made to push such legislation. He has violent behavior in his background.. but not enough to have made him a felon apparently… and he has mental issues… but not enough to have had him committed to a psychiatric institution.

Horsford supports “restrictions” on gun purchases and possession of guns by “certain” individuals. It’s not clear who he thinks should be making the decisions. Maybe Mayor Bloomberg should.

He says “congress can’t be idle on gun-control”

Back in May of this year, Horsford was pushing to secure more money for his local Fusion Center. I don’t think this latest mass casualty event will hurt that effort, do you?

Apparently his “background chacks” aren’t the only gun-grabbing legislation he supports. It’s just what he talks about now. Here’s a quote from January. I’m told news guys need such things:

“I support the Second Amendment and the right of individuals to bear arms for recreation, hunting or self-defense,” Rep. Horsford told the Stephens Media Washington Bureau, last week. “That does not mean we cannot have reasonable gun laws to keep military-designed weapons out of our neighborhoods and communities.” RJ

It seems Rep. Horsford supports President Obama’s interpretation of the Second Amendment or at least he did until someone started taking detailed polls and found out the VAST majority of Americans don’t.

If he wanted to “keep military-designed weapons out of our neighborhoods and communities” that translates to “gun-grabbing”, folks. There’s no other way to look at it.

That article was written back on Jan. 27th of this year. Not that long ago.

Let me see if I can sum this up:

The ONLY photo of the carnage in the Navy Yard was posted by the spin doctor of a gun-grabbing congressman and it was ONLY available because a cop dumped said victim literally on the side of the road while he was suffering from a gun-shot wound to the head.

Said victim died on route to the hospital but the congressman’s agenda lives on thanks in no small measure to the fact that all the prestitutes seem to be watching this spin doctor’s Twitter account religiously.

And of course the tactical team got sent away from the scene and helicopters were bouncing snipers off the side of buildings dramatically dangling in their baskets while CNN and ABC were running with the victim on the side of the road pic provided by the gun-grabber’s spin doctor.

Does that about do it justice?

6 thoughts on “Navy Yard Shooting: Victim Photo Posted by PR Guy Working for Gun Grabbing Congressman

  1. So,,,,,Where is the blood. If this gent died soon after the photo, and he was indeed shot, where’s the blood. I’ve seen lots of blood even after a bicycle accident.

    1. Yep. So much blood for a head shot. Not a trace on the ground. Looks more like some guy fainted and they are trying to give him some water or CPR.

      Who’s the guy in military fatigue in the right background of the first photo. Almost has a UN outfit look to him.

  2. What is not being told by any main stream media. Look at the picture above. These 3000 plus mega government personnel buildings have nice like shopping and eatery malls inside the facilities. As another example just out of Washington D.C. is Fort Belvior, Virgina supporting a mini Georgetown street likeness with museums, art galleries, jewelery stores, eateries, etc. The art galleries antique stores at Fort Belvior, Virginia have paintings and antiques selling into the ten of thousands of dollars. And these are military installations, now you know where the tax dollars are going. My sources tell me at 8:30am all the senior executive civil service killed inside the navy yard were sitting feeding their faces at one of the plush government cafeterias inside the Navy yard. But all uniformed military were hard working while all civil service were screwing off eating at the plush cafeterias. Now you know the truth how your tax dollars are being spent.

  3. I don’t care if this was real or fake like Sandy Hoax.
    In fact, I don’t care if we have 50 mass shootings per week in the US, I shall never relinquish my tools of defense against tyranny & genocide (mil pattern weapons) to any man, cop or king.

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