Neil Keenan Update 3-30-15… “The Black Book Is Available!”

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As far as what all of this means to all of us, I’ll leave that up to each one’s Higher discernment. I received this link from Neil Keenan, which is unusual for him to include me on his list, so clearly he feels this is important.

The Black Book Is Available!

Worldwide Alert: Neil Is Pissed Off And Is Releasing His Weapons

During the past three months I have felt the sting of my money being stolen, my bank accounts being wiped out on New Year’s Eve, my friend being killed while attempting to help us, and another friend who survived a car accident  — all of it orchestrated by the Cabal.

I finally heard word tonight that “they” do not want any foreign country helping us.  So guess what?  It is time to fight back with all we’ve got.  Time to exact revenge.  Time to completely exploit every one of their weaknesses.  So here we go, ladies and gentlemen!  Payback is a bitch.  We may be small but we are a force to be reckoned with.

I am reluctantly giving up possession of the Black Book, aka Book of Codes.  It will go to the one I believe is best suited to handle it.  I have been watching over the Book, taking care of it, but in dealing with the Global Accounts, I have had little time to use this “lethal weapon” to the world’s maximum advantage.

Let me be clear here.  With the Book(s) in hand, the Greek Government would never have to worry about the European Union’s absurd demand for repayment.  They would be holding the Book that exposes the EC (European Commission) for providing the entire EU (European Union) with nothing but blank paper.  Yet they expect to be paid back.  So are we to give them back paper of no value whatsoever?  So long EU!


On the other hand, imagine the damage that the Russians could wreak on the West if they had the Book, this “Financial Holy Grail,” in their hands.  They would be able to expose the unrestrained, unlimited frauds that the West has perpetrated against its own people!

Imagine the damages they would be forced to pay to the very people that they have kept enslaved for so many long years.  But whoever receives this Book will have to be extremely careful with it — it can be deadly as well as generous.

Imagine what this Book means and the vast consequences that it will have around the globe.   The Book spells out everything:  there will be no more disputes over the accounts!  And the World Bank will finally be seen for what it is and that it has absolutely nothing to do with the Collateral Accounts.


The Book would also reveal that the Spiritual White Boy, King Anthony Santiago Martin (ASM) as we know him, died in 1985 (God rest his soul).  His death was three years prior to Ferdinand Marcos’ death in 1988.  The one now known as Anthony Santiago Martin arrived in 1993 from a Thai village.  He is certainly no King Anthony.  He was put into place by an alphabet agency, and, along with four others, was meant to impersonate the deceased King Anthony.  The accounts are indeed large, but … the King is no longer.

This imposter ASM admits he was offered money yet he also claims never to have received any.  If you believe this one, wait until you hear him twist another lie.  He even claims he was set up for the purpose of gaining unauthorized access to the ASM accounts.  Now that makes sense seeing the West believes they own accounts that do not belong to them.  In fact, this play-actor Anthony Santiago Martin actually states that he was only a signator and nothing more.

Getting Back in Focus

There is much that we have been facing and when we honestly assess our forces, we see that we can handle the Global Accounts or the Book, but not both at the same time.  Our team can handle 8 or 9 deals simultaneously, but the magnitude of what we face is tremendous and we need help.

But we have the perfect ammunition that another could use to do a bang-up job against those who plan to destroy us.  This will give us double bang for the punch, and maybe just enough to push us over the hump to a spot called safety.

So this is for you, the people who supported us, have laughed with us, and sometimes felt for us.  Now we return your support and faith in us, and we hope we are soon done.  The “Financial Holy Grail” is now on its way to global exposure.  With this break-through action, we are pushing them hard from all angles.  Together with the new AIIB, BRICS, etc., we will all make a very nice harmony.

For any and all interested in the Black Book please contact us at:

Shit is about to happen so put your hats on – nasty to wash out you know!

All the best.


14 thoughts on “Neil Keenan Update 3-30-15… “The Black Book Is Available!”

  1. WTF, who is this guy, the black book, Is this a onion thing. We know of a guy who had 3 filing cabinets full of black books and he could not stop the commies.

    1. Hi Joe,

      Yes,.. We knew a guy (Major Jordan), who had 3 FILING cabinets filled with not just black books, but Invertories Sheets, Bills Of Laden, Flight Manjfests, Shipping Manifests, Eye Witness by the hundreds, Aircraft ID’s, Flight Schedules, Pilots Names, Flight Crew Names, Dates, Detailed Inspection Lists, Classified Military Documents, State Dep’t Letters, Proof Of Delivery of Nuclear Devp’t Secrets to the Soviests, and Personally Witnessed almost ALL of it.

      Took it ALL to not one,.. but TWO Congrssional Hearings in the Committee For UnAmerican Activities on December 5, 1949,.. and March 3, 1950,.. Toured the country visiting severah HUNDRED cities explaining this to Americans, went on National Radio (The Lewis B. Fulton Radio Show),…..

      The Result?:,…. Jordan was attacked in the Commie/Zionist-Jew owned mass Libel/slander (Mass Media Propaganda) Machine as ,… “crazy” and,.. “One Of Those Consipiracy Nuts”,……

      Not ONE person was given the equivelant of a Jay-Walking Ticket!

      So tell me,… what does this guy think he is going to do with his one, teeny-tiny Black Book???

      Answer: Nothing.

      JD – US Marines – Knowledge is critical,.. but application is more important…..


      1. J.D., one of the first obstacles we must overcome is the standard joo boy retort to any mention of their involvement in any nefarious deeds as “oh, your a conspiracy nut.” I’ve been using this response to that bullcrap putdown. “Oh, the conspiracy theory dismissal is the last bastion of a man who refuses to look for the truth himself and instead, takes the lazy man’s way out by simply putting a label on me.” Not much of an argument, is it. I’ve used that retort in public and know for a fact that it peaked some interest because witnesses to the statement have approached me since asking questions suggesting they have looked into some of the arguments which is our goal – spreading seeds! It may sound simple but this argument they present throwing the conspiracy buff label is an obstacle we must have a standard and irrefutable response to clear the way for further dissemination of what are cold, hard facts regarding our current state of affairs.

        1. Hi Millard,

          Agreed,…. but I shorten it down even more than that,..

          I just say,.. “Thank you,… you just proved I’m right!”

          JD – US Marines – Remember,…you can NOT rationally argue with an irrational person,.. or a commie (same thing),.. so don’t bother trying.


          1. I’m not ready to give up on some people I know. I’m just gonna try with a bigger hammer! 😆

  2. this guy is a fraud, just like “Drake” and the rest of his buddies.
    “Mass arrests” is coming. BS

  3. Surely, and purely,….a farce. But then again, remember that our government is now in warp-speed when it comes to the disinfo that is being “released” on the internet. I mean, c’mon, we ALREADY know that a bunch of thieves run this world, so this story has no credibility what-so-ever (my opinion).
    What will tomorrows headlines be: Hillary will sell her virginity to the highest bidder?

      1. My mind is forever tainted by the thought. EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW! That would be worst than death by slow torture, damn, I’m gettin’ the “willies” just imagining the thought!

        1. Hi Millard,

          Well now,.. let’s not rush that idea,…

          Don’t forget Hillary is just one of the Three-Commie-Stygian Witches! (The other tales of horror are Feinstein and Pelosi!)

          Could you imagine a charity auction for the “Honor Of Their Virginity” of Hillary, Pelosi, or Feinstein???

          Makes me shudder with complete and abject horror!! (Oh-Ooooo,… I thought about it for half a second,… m-u-s-t n-o-t P-u-k,… Gurgle,.. VOMIT!!!!!,.. splash!!!!,… .Damn!,.. to late!)

          JD – US Marines – somethings are best left UN-imagined!!!!!



  4. Huh. A reasonable person, given possession of such a powerful tool for justice and good, would have made many, many copies and released them all simultaneously. I commend Keenan’s efforts, but all the cryptic nonsense is really part of what got us in this predicament in the first place. JFK mentioned something about that right before the communists riddled him with holes.

  5. I find this a bit hokey myself. The element of surprise is always your best first step! You don’t go around announcing what you are going to do, just do it! If this was legit he would just release multiple copies of the info and not announce it ahead of time. :/

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